How to Maximize Your Pedometer for Walking

How to Maximize Your Pedometer for Walking

Exercise is one of the most crucial ways to stay fit and healthy. However, despite knowing about the benefits of exercise, many Americans are still deterred from working out. A study on 2,000 adults in the US found that 42% of respondents didn’t like gym memberships, 36% were too embarrassed to ask staff for … Read more

How to Buy Water Bottle for Storing Water?

How to Buy Water Bottle for Storing Water?

The need for water may increase during the summer season, and the shortage of water also sees an uptick. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves for this type of emergency by storing the water. 5 Gallon water bottle is essential for places with a limited supply of water. They are used in homes, offices, commercial … Read more

Key Tips When Clearing Trees To Build A House

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Despite constant reports of deforestation, and the damage that humans do, the world is fortunate enough to still contain an almost uncountable number of trees. It is thought that there could possibly be something like 73,000 different species of trees. And, perhaps surprisingly, experts believe that there are still maybe around 9,000 … Read more

Is It Difficult to Build a Deck?

Is It Difficult to Build a Deck

In general, building a deck is a multi-step process that needs to be carefully planned. It is not enough just to take the first project that you come across online and bring it to life, because many local factors must be taken into account — from the climate to the slope of … Read more

6 Good Reasons To Buying A UV Water Purifier

6 Good Reasons To Buying A UV Water Purifier

CDC statistics show that despite the US having access to one of the cleanest and safest water supplies, over 7 million people get waterborne diseases every year. This is due to the increased risk of water contamination we’re experiencing today. The good news is that we have UV water purifier systems that … Read more

How can Solar Systems Work With an Off-Grid Lifestyle?

How can Solar Systems Work With an Off-Grid Lifestyle

While complete up-to-date statistics are hard to find, the general consensus appears to be that around 1.7 billion people are living off the grid across the world right now. While it is true that many of these people are not necessarily doing so through choice, but lack of facilities, others are choosing … Read more

Where to Find Prefab Tiny Homes for Under $30K

Eco tiny home & housing estate concept

The idea of owning a simple and tiny home is getting more appealing nowadays. Despite the boom of condominiums, subdivisions, and housing villages, many young people are opting for a minimalistic lifestyle, including owning prefab tiny homes under $30K. Interestingly, 63 percent of the millennials are more keen on possessing tiny homes … Read more

Trees to Make Allwood Cabin Kits

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If you are serious about owning or building an eco-friendly shelter by yourself, a world-class company based in New Jersey, USA, can speed up the construction process and logistic works. Allwood is keen to help you by providing you with prefabricated cabin kits that are basics for the wood-made home you have … Read more

Things Everyone Will Need When SHTF

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Before you find yourself in a worst-case scenario, you have to think about some items that are valuable enough that you cannot leave them for granted. When SHTF dawns on you, you have to be smart enough to check and recheck certain items that are crucial for you to get through whatever … Read more

Best Place to Put a DIY Cellar

Closeup of father with pliers teaching child to knit metal rods constructing small basement

For centuries, people have been using cellars for various reasons. As a set of rooms or a room for storing food and fuel and any other objects, a cellar is partly or wholly underground or located beneath a building. Indeed, cellars are not something new. A cellar has various shapes and forms– … Read more