What are the survival uses of Chapstick?

crop photo of a woman using a lip balm

Lip balm and Chapstick are typically seen in desk drawers or purses. They have several survival functions as well as making life considerably simpler for someone with chapped lips. Nose Relief¬† We have terrible seasonal allergies, and every autumn or winter we have one or two colds. As a result, we are … Read more

What are the survival uses of pine trees?

green pine trees near mountains under blue sky

We all enjoy going camping and trekking in the bush, and if the opportunity arises, we would all be happy to spend longer periods outdoors. Issues may occasionally occur no matter how regularly you go camping or trekking or how skilled you are. You can find yourself in a scenario you do … Read more

What are the survival uses of paracord?

black and white paracord in close-up photography

Ingenious soldiers quickly found that parachute cord, also known as paracord or 550 rope due to its 550-pound breaking strength, could be used for hundreds of other things, including bootlaces, when it was first used for parachutes during World War II. Cotton and leather boot laces cannot compare to paracord’s breaking strength, … Read more

How Much Water Should I Store in an Emergency?

large bottles of drinking water

Emergencies can strike anytime, and being prepared is essential for survival. And one of the most important things to consider when preparing for an emergency is water. After all, you can last for 1-2 months without eating but only up to three days without water. In an emergency situation, access to clean … Read more

What to Cook While Camping


It doesn’t have to be difficult to decide what to eat while camping. Look no further than this collection of simple camping cuisine suggestions to enjoy at the outdoors.¬† Here, we provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal suggestions for a full day of camping, along with some additional camping tips. Start your … Read more

Solar Power Options for Off-Grid Cooking


Utilizing solar energy for cooking is a fun and effective way to use a sustainable resource. When food is cooked in solar ovens, it gently cooks and does not burn, retaining its moisture and nutrients. Utilizing a solar oven to cook, heat, or sterilize food and beverages is known as off-grid cooking … Read more

Reasons to Keep a 30-day Food Supply


A lot of people are wondering whether or not they should stock up on food. For some, keeping a steady stock on food conjures up images of survivalists hidden in their bunkers waiting for the end of the world. But most preppers are not like this- they merely want to insure the … Read more

Grocery Items to Buy for Survival


It takes more than just accumulating food to assemble a survival kit. You can find most of the supplies you need for survival at the grocery store. Food and water are necessary for survival, but you also need first aid kits, candles, batteries, and other barterable commodities. Aluminum Foil Ever notice how … Read more

Things Everyone Will Need When SHTF

Emergency backpack equipment organized on the table

Before you find yourself in a worst-case scenario, you have to think about some items that are valuable enough that you cannot leave them for granted. When SHTF dawns on you, you have to be smart enough to check and recheck certain items that are crucial for you to get through whatever … Read more