Things Everyone Will Need When SHTF

Emergency backpack equipment organized on the table

Before you find yourself in a worst-case scenario, you have to think about some items that are valuable enough that you cannot leave them for granted. When SHTF dawns on you, you have to be smart enough to check and recheck certain items that are crucial for you to get through whatever … Read more

Best Place to Put a DIY Cellar

Closeup of father with pliers teaching child to knit metal rods constructing small basement

For centuries, people have been using cellars for various reasons. As a set of rooms or a room for storing food and fuel and any other objects, a cellar is partly or wholly underground or located beneath a building. Indeed, cellars are not something new. A cellar has various shapes and forms– … Read more

Reasons Teens Need Their Own Bug Out Bag

Preparation for natural disasters concept

When it comes to an emergency situation, there is nothing more important than to be able to respond with quickness and foresight. Whether it’s fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, or apocalyptic situation, you have to keep in mind how you will be able to run away from it and survive in the next … Read more

What is Water Distiller?


Distillation is one of the widely used and efficient methods to purify water and make it useable in many ways. It is an undeniable fact that distilled water offers a lot of extraordinary benefits to a human body. In fact, the quantity and the quality of water intake are also linked with … Read more

What Are The Essentials Of Root Cellar Design?

This is what a root cellar looks like

Storage of food and other items is an essential thing to do when you are living off-grid or at any place that does not have proper storage facilities. In such cases, a root cellar would essentially help you in storing food. However, some people still fail to preserve their food even while … Read more

Stockpile Suggestions


Planning for living off grid or survival without modern conveniences can seem daunting at first glance, but there are some things that can be stockpiled over time that will make the process easier. Many of the same things answer the question, “What should I stockpile for SHTF?” Off-grid and disaster preparation can … Read more

Making Ground Meat Off-Grid

Making Ground Meat Off-Grid

Living off-grid often means limited or no electricity. This means finding other ways to take care of tasks that would normally be done with an electrically powered machine. One of these tasks is making ground meat. After hunting or trapping wildlife or butchering livestock such as cows, pigs, or rabbits, preparing meat … Read more

Make Your Own Fishing Hooks

Make Your Own Fishing Hooks

Those who live off grid often procure food from nature whenever possible. This usually involves hunting or trapping and fishing. As long as there is a pond, river, or lake nearby that contains fish, this is a great way to feed one’s self and even a family. Fishing for food requires certain … Read more

How to Dehydrate Meat


Dehydrating meat for long term storage is one way to preserve it for use at a later date. Dehydrated meat can be carried more easily than other meat sources and can be used while camping or while living off-grid. Why Dehydrate Meat? Meat is primarily protein, which makes dehydrated meat a snack … Read more

Foods Containing TNF-Alpha Inhibitors

Foods Containing TNF-Alpha Inhibitors

Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) is also known as cachexin or cachectin. It is a cytokine, one of the proteins that the immune system uses to fight infection. It causes an inflammatory response, which is used against contaminants in cuts and wounds as well as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The TNF-alpha’s job is … Read more