Archery Skills Can Be Very Useful When Living Off the Grid

Living off the grid is a dream of many, either because of the economic collapse, a romantic notion or the ongoing viral pandemic. No matter, what the reason is; living off the land is only fun when you are equipped with all the basic tools to survive in the setup along with a lot of patience and resourcefulness. Unfortunately, modern society has handicapped us to the point that we lack even the basic survival skills, including the ‘Art of Archery”. 

Before moving forward, let’s talk a bit about the history of ‘archery’ to give you a better idea about it.


Archery is certainly one of the oldest arts that is still practiced today. Although, it is believed that bow hunting is as old as Stone Age (around 20,000 BC), but Ancient Egyptians were the earliest people famous for using bows and arrows for protection and hunting in around 3,000 BC.

In China, archery was seen practiced in the Shang dynasty around 1766 to 1027 BC. At that time, during a war chariot; a team of three man was arranged, including a lancer, driver and archer. 

Advantages of Archery Skills


Archery skills can be extremely beneficial for kids and adults in numerous ways, especially for those who are living off the grid or planning to do so. Bow and arrows are being used for hunting and protection since ancient times. However, apart from security and sport; there are a bunch of other good things that archery can teach you in tough times. Here are a few:

Physical benefits Mental benefits Personality boost
Safety Relaxation Confidence
Survival Concentration Self-esteem
Muscle building Meditation Survival skill
Eyesight improvement Brain strength Self defense
Hand and eye coordination Alertness Fitness
Heartbeat regulation Visual processing Determination
Enjoyment Cognitive skills’ improvement  Patience

1. Provides you with Safety

First things first, safety is and should be the number one priority of every human being. Especially, when someone is living off the grid, there are high changes that you may encounter a terrifying situation. Just imagine you are all by yourself on a long, dark night, and you sense an intruder. Or while sitting on your terrace, a wild animal catches your sight. Isn’t it scary? 

Hence, it is necessary to equip yourself with all the necessary tools that can save you from any kind of harm, like bows and arrows. All in all, archery skills can protect you from any lingering danger in the wild. 

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2. Facilitates Survival

The traditional use of bow and arrow was to hunt animals for food. In other words, it was not just a sport or an activity back then, but a significant survival skill. Similarly, if you are living off the grid, archery skills can come in handy. They can help you hunt for food instead of starving yourself because there aren’t going to be any shops nearby when you are out of food (let’s be real). 

Moreover, be it an ocean or a forest; using archery for hunting within these places ensures that you can access to the necessary proteins and nutrients. 

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3. Positive Impact on Physical Health


Living off the grid means you will not have access to traditional gyms, workout routines and proper jogging tracks. In this scenario, archery skills can help you keep your physical health intact. Wondering how? Scroll through!


Archery can play an important role in achieving a healthy lifestyle when you are off the land. Bow hunting includes a lot of physical activity like stretching, aiming, walking and even running. Hence, it is a great exercise for arm, hand and leg muscles.

Improves Eyesight

While practicing archery, you need to move your eyes in different directions in order to focus on the target. These movements are therefore a great way to give your eyes the exercise they need! Also, fixating on the aim is another great way to improve your eyesight and the ability to concentrate.

Strengthen the Body

Since you use your arms, chest, hands and shoulders for archery; the activity is meant to strengthen your upper body. Moreover, if you practice bow hunting long enough; the sport can also help you gain some good body muscles. Besides, archery can improve the coordination between your hands and eyes as well.

Good for Heart and Respiratory System

While releasing the shot and aiming for target; you practice a lot of control and patience. There are moments when you even have to hold your breath for a few seconds while pulling back an arrow to aim. As a result, your body benefits from this exertion by regulating your heartbeat. 

4. Positive Psychological Impacts

As much as caring for your physical health is important; the psychological aspect should not be neglected either. Archery is a skill that is beneficial for both, your physical and mental health, especially when you are surviving off the grid. 

Not living in a traditional setting can be stressful sometimes, and archery can make the experience comparatively smoother. Here’s how:



Practicing archery can give your self-esteem a much-needed boost. Since you will be responsible for setting all the goals for yourself and achieving them through practice; your confidence is bound to shoot up gradually. As a result, it will empower you to focus and survive on your own during tough times. 

Moreover, bow hunting is not a ‘gender-specific’ skill. Women love archery too! It provides them with the sureness that they can survive without falling prey to the dangerous situations. 


Archery is a stress-relieving exercise when you are away from all the other things that are likely to shift your focus. On achieving the desired goal, this activity will immediately give you a feeling of pleasure and accomplishment. Additionally, controlling your breath can act as a form of meditation and help you relax. All in all, it is a great sport that you can enjoy while living off the land. 

Improves Ability to Concentrate

The essence of archery lies in focusing and releasing the shot at the right time. Thus, it enhances your ability to concentrate on the desired things amidst distractions. 

Teaches Patience and Commitment

Patience and commitment are the key elements of archery. Without both of these, you can’t master the skill. In short, learning and practicing archery skills can help you become determined, goal oriented and patient. 

5. Source of Entertainment

Living off the grid may sound peaceful but can get boring at times, especially when you have nothing entertaining to look forward to. Archery skills can help you combat the boredom!  Not only is the sport useful in terms of health, protection and survival; it is also your one-stop solution of improving focus, coordination and making new friends while competing with them to hit the bull’s eye.

Take Away

Learning archery skills can benefit you in a long run, especially when you are not living in a traditional setup. It ensures self-defense, food hunting, physical exercise, mental wellbeing and self-confidence. So, next time if you wonder about  the essentials needed in any tiny home, don’t forget to add basic archery equipment in your list too.

Now is the right time to get your archery kit out and shoot an arrow to release your stress as far as it goes. Enjoy the thrill and satisfaction that follows while building up your archery skills as a fun hobby to keep you physically and mentally fit. Excited already?