Using a Primitive-Style Fishing Hook

SILHOUETTE Unrecognizable local fishermen fishing in small boats at pink sunrise

Fishing is fun and an ultimate adventure. Whether you are a fan of the modern way of fishing or the primitive one, one thing remains the same—fishing is a form of survival skill during uncertain times in your life. Accordingly, the use of hooks to catch fish was first discovered during the … Read more

Archery Skills Can Be Very Useful When Living Off the Grid


Living off the grid is a dream of many, either because of the economic collapse, a romantic notion or the ongoing viral pandemic. No matter, what the reason is; living off the land is only fun when you are equipped with all the basic tools to survive in the setup along with … Read more

How to Make an Oil Lamp from an Orange

A lit orange oil lamp

If you need a temporary, makeshift lighting when you’re off-grid or when the power goes off, an orange can save you. You don’t believe it? Well, try this step-by-step tutorial. All you need can be found in the kitchen: an orange and vegetable oil. This is so easy to do that even … Read more

No, Not Hair Bows! Why Women Love Archery

Self Defense for Women – Why Education is Important

If you’ve watched The Lord of the Rings, you’ve probably wished you could use the bow as well as Legolas did. Although you won’t have the chance to chase orcs with your arrows, you can definitely learn how to aim and hit targets. For some reason, women seem to love archery a … Read more

8 Survival Uses of Cigarettes


Cigarettes are known to be hugely addicting and are terrible for the body because of the negative side-effects they can bring. This is the reason why we see a lot of anti-smoking signs and as well as health warnings everywhere. But did you know that cigarettes can be very useful when it … Read more

Boxing for Self Defense

Boxing for Self Defense

When it comes to self-defense, there’s pretty much no better fighting style than boxing since punching is the easiest thing to do. However, to make your punches effective and protect yourself from your opponent, it’s important for you to master boxing. In this article, let’s talk about boxing for self-defense and some … Read more

Are You a Closet Prepper? Don’t Be. Let Me Explain Why.

Prepping Coming Out of Closet

Are you a closet prepper?

If your answer is yes, then read on. I will explain in this article why you should never have to fear being embarrassed or judged by telling a co-worker, family member, or friend that you’re a prepper. Survivalism and the tools for the trade is some cool stuff. Don’t get caught with Prepper stigma!

You see, I used to be a closet prepper. I always kept my prepping to myself. I found that I hardly ever brought it up to family or friends, except for the one or two friends that I knew who were into the same types of preparing that I was. But lately, I’ve been opening up more to people that I know. Actually, it’s been kind of liberating and not as big of a deal as I made it out to be regarding telling others that I want to prepare for unforeseen times or situations.

People that I would have never told about my prepping before have actually become quite open and receptive in our conversations. In fact, some of the people I’ve been more open with about my prepping mindset have even started doing a little prepping themselves. That’s pretty great!

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Amazing Camping Hack: Keep a Fire Burning for Hours with Just One Log

Amazing Camping Hack: Keep a Fire Burning for Hours with Just One Log

Fire Burning for Hours with Just One LogMost campers and hikers will often find they need to constantly keep throwing large logs or branches on a fire to keep it burning for even 1 or 2 hours. And, if you fall asleep while camping, you can expect your fire will go out typically within 45 minutes to 1 hour later. This isn’t good if you need to stay warm. Or, you need to keep a fire going in wet conditions.

A Youtube user named “Doogly” created a simple video that will show you how to create what’s called a “Swedish torch,” or better put, a sustainable fire made with just one log. The Swedish torch legend was thought to originate from hobo, who was looking for an efficient way to stay warm during cold winters. So, he cut a small log as the video shows and stayed warm for many more hours versus a traditional campfire.

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5 Boy Scout Skills for Outdoor Survival

Boy Scout Skills for Survival

Whether you were in boy scouts or not, every one should gain these outdoor survival skills. Some of us gained some of this knowledge through our time in the Boy Scouts, where we learned the power of teamwork, ingenuity, and self-reliance. Learning how to deal with the most basic of situations can often be the largest thing we do in life.

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Skills of the Future – Working in a Post SHTF World

Skills for Post SHTF

Understanding the fundamentals of life and having a broad range of knowledge will be essential if the modern world collapses. In a post-SHTF world, there are several skills that will instantly become valuable. It would be wise to begin learning a few of these skills as you will be in the best … Read more