Where to Find Prefab Tiny Homes for Under $30K

The idea of owning a simple and tiny home is getting more appealing nowadays. Despite the boom of condominiums, subdivisions, and housing villages, many young people are opting for a minimalistic lifestyle, including owning prefab tiny homes under $30K.

Interestingly, 63 percent of the millennials are more keen on possessing tiny homes than picking affluent housing models, according to the data science group at iProperty Management.

“Tiny homes allow you to escape from the outside world, live simply, and hopefully lessen your carbon footprint,” said tiny home expert Nancy Mitchell.

A tiny home doesn’t always mean cheaper. Unless you opt for do-it-yourself housing model, tiny homes that are fully furnished can cost even up to $60,000. However, there will always be alternatives around. If you are focused on spending a smaller budget for your housing needs, there are plenty of fabulous prefab tiny homes under $30K that you can find in the market.

As millennials are now more aware of the carbon footprints they would leave behind, they are getting conscious of living an ostentatious lifestyle. For these young people, convenience, multifunctionality, and time-saving potential are more important than the thought of accumulating more material possessions.

Joe McGauley, an expert on off-grid-living, said that off-grid tiny homes “are truly having their moment.”

Outside view of a tiny house made of wood, against a blue sky

“And it’s no wonder since the downsized life has a lot going for it, from being super energy efficient and affordable, to the fact that every single inch of your living space is cleverly engineered to be multifunctional,” McGauley said.

The case of Washington–based couple Robert and Samantha Garlow is a classic example of how young couples nowadays can do something with Prefab Tiny Homes for Under $30K.

The couple opted to reduce their mobile house and even document it through their blog SHEDsistence so people can see how living or owning tiny homes can be incredibly possible!

Even at 204 square feet, the tiny mobile home of the Garlows is completely functional and, yes, absolutely fantastic.

“The idea of having the chance to experience the consequences firsthand, both positive and negative, of our design and construction decisions was a valuable proposition,” said Robert, who is an architectural designer.

“This also meant the design process was directly related to—or hindered by—what we could do ourselves on weekends using off-the-shelf materials,” Robert told Huckberry in an interview.

Modern White Tiny House Exterior

Meanwhile, Samantha maintained that their goal in building a tiny house on wheels was to improve the way they want to live their life, to match their lifestyle as outdoor enthusiasts.

“Mentally preparing to live in a tiny house requires a pretty radical shift in perspective from the way many of us were raised. As a designer, it made me realize what’s possible, and how much truly isn’t necessary,” Robert assured.

Indeed, finding some reasonably priced house kits all under $30,000 is possible. With your goal in mind of paring down your material possessions and hunkering down in a secluded tiny housing model, you can own prefab tiny homes under $30K.

Wooden secluded house made of planks in a Scandinavian modern style with large Windows overlooking the lake, a fireplace at sunset against the background of a coniferous green forest. 3D illustration

Some prefab tiny homes that you can purchase for $30K and below

1. Tiny Living Tiny Home

A tiny but modern home that fits those with DIY spirit is the Tiny Living Tiny Home. This home has a starting price of $26,700. Tiny Living features a fully built exterior model with dormers, siding, roofing, trim, and windows. The owner also has an option to finish the studio-style inside.

2. Randy Jones Original Cottage-Style Tiny Home

Randy Jones Original Cottage-Style Tiny Home costs below $30,000, but it comes with different choices regarding its studio features. You can buy this tiny home and opt whether you want up 22 feet in length for its size. Randy Jones Original Cottage-Style Tiny Home’s price starts at $25,000.

3. Freedom Line Tiny Home

With a starting price of $30,000, the Freedom Line Tiny Home brings sufficient comfort to the owners. The interior space features important elements of your home, from stove, sinks, and bathroom. It comes on a standard trailer, assured Mitchell of Apartment Therapy. This Freedom Line Tiny Home also prides for its stylish picture window, flower boxer, shutters, and dormer. “But it will need some stylistic love and personalization once you purchase it,” Mitchell recommended.

4. Nomad Flat Pack Micro Home

The Nomad Flat Pack Micro Home has a starting rate of $25,000. This tiny home features 100 square footage in terms of its size. While it is not portable, the assembly of this home requires only a drill. This home features an airy living room, bedroom, kitchen, and, yes, stairs. This tiny home’s engineering design can easily match your plan for a water treatment and rain water collection system and your green energy ideas.

5. Roving Tiny House Shell

For a cost lower than $20,000, you can still get a place to realize your tiny home desire. The Roving Tiny House Shell is a mixture of DIY and pre-built studio features. This 154-square-foot home includes windows, doors, finished exteriors, and showers! You also need to work with your creativity and innovation for the interior features of this tiny home. Roving Tiny House Shell has a starting price tag at $19,884.

6. The A-Frame Cabin

The A-Frame Cabin is not portable, but it features an expandable outdoor living space. At a starting price of $1,200, this tiny home has 110 square footage of space. This extremely charming tiny home is pretty livable, particularly if you aim to expand it for your dreamed sun porch.

7. Tiny Texas Ranch

The Tiny Texas Ranch has a starting price of $30,000. This 120 square footage studio is not portable. However, it has the best and unique features, including detailed salvaged doors, windows, and appliances.

8. Brigadoon Cottage Kit

Brigadoon Cottage Kit is designed to be constructed as a freestanding house. You also have the option to work out with your creativity in finishing the interior. The Brigadoon Cottage Kit, Bungalow in a Box, has a starting cost of $28,000.

9. Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin

Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin is a perfect choice if you stick to your budget on having a tiny home that costs less than $30k. This studio cabin can be assembled in two days by two adults. Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin can cost $8,495, and it is a perfect additional feature in your rooftop or backyard. However, this model doesn’t include a kitchen or a bathroom. On the other hand, it features 172 square feet of space inside, plus a covered patio.