Benefits to Having Cats When Living off the Grid

A person petting a cat

Having a cat can be very rewarding. Watching cat videos is enough to increase your energy level. They can be romantic, and a simple hug can result in positive emotions and relaxing effects. There are a number of psychological benefits of having a cat, especially when living off the grid. People who … Read more

How To Feed A Family In the Wild

How To Feed A Family In the Wild

When living off-grid, feeding a family takes on a variety of new challenges. If one of the options chosen is to live primarily off the land, knowing how to find safe things to eat from the things that grow wild will be very helpful. Farming can provide food throughout the summer and fall … Read more

Guide to Fast Growing Vegetables

a bok choy farm

Starting your own edible garden is a great way to save money because you’ll be able to harvest food to eat in your place instead of buying them in the market. It is also a good nice to have an edible garden in case certain calamities occur, and there’s a shortage of … Read more

Growing Onions 101

Onion harvest

Onions are the perfect complement for any garden and quite nice to have in a home garden or for survival and off-grid living. If you are thinking about growing onions, these steps below will help you enjoy your onion harvest.

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