Important Power Tools for Use in Off Grid and Prepping

Milwaukee 272021 M18 Fuel Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Kit

Tools are essential in off-grid living. There are many hand tools that can help you survive, but there are also powerful tools that you will need. Relying on hand tools seem so rugged and butch, but it’s just not practical. How are you going to build and continue to maintain your home … Read more

Tips for Apartment Prepping

An apartment complex

Prepping is usually associated with country dwellers, but city prepping could even be more helpful. If you live in an apartment, you probably don’t have a large space, but there are many situations you can cater to, should an emergency ever occur. In urban dwelling, places are dominated by larger populations per … Read more

Pistol vs. Revolver: The Final Showdown

Pistol vs. Revolver The Final Showdown

For as long as we can remember, the terms “revolvers” and “pistols” have been used in an interchanging manner to the point that we even have the term “revolver pistol” going around now. However, the two could not be any more different. To be able to choose the perfect gun for your … Read more

Top 25 SHTF Bartering Items You’ll Want to Start Stockpiling Today

We all hope that nothing catastrophic will happen in our lifetime. But we must also realize that we are just a small blip on a timespan of major events that have happened over the past centuries. And, more major events are sure to occur within our or our kid’s lifetime. The simple fact is that we all need to be ready.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than thinking about you or your family not being prepared for the worst — weather its marshall law, a catastrophic natural occurrence, EMP (electromagnetic pulse), a solar flare that could put us back to the 19th century, or another type of disaster. Many lives will be lost. Not having some preparations made means you will not have anything of value for trading with others looking to stay alive.

Do you think that shiny iPhone or fancy sports car will be worth anything if there was a major disaster caused by an EMP or natural disaster? Believe me, they won’t!

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Skills of the Future – Working in a Post SHTF World

Skills for Post SHTF

Understanding the fundamentals of life and having a broad range of knowledge will be essential if the modern world collapses. In a post-SHTF world, there are several skills that will instantly become valuable. It would be wise to begin learning a few of these skills as you will be in the best … Read more