Make Your Own Fishing Hooks

Make Your Own Fishing Hooks

Those who live off grid often procure food from nature whenever possible. This usually involves hunting or trapping and fishing. As long as there is a pond, river, or lake nearby that contains fish, this is a great way to feed one’s self and even a family. Fishing for food requires certain … Read more

How To Feed A Family In the Wild

How To Feed A Family In the Wild

When living off-grid, feeding a family takes on a variety of new challenges. If one of the options chosen is to live primarily off the land, knowing how to find safe things to eat from the things that grow wild will be very helpful. Farming can provide food throughout the summer and fall … Read more

How to Make a Survival Fishing Hook

a Survival Fishing Hook

Fish are a good source of protein and other nutrients, which can be a really helpful food in a survival situation. Even without a catastrophe, knowing how to bass fish, or catch a fish for dinner can be a good thing for the budget. But what happens if, while standing at the … Read more

Pistol vs. Revolver: The Final Showdown

Pistol vs. Revolver The Final Showdown

For as long as we can remember, the terms “revolvers” and “pistols” have been used in an interchanging manner to the point that we even have the term “revolver pistol” going around now. However, the two could not be any more different. To be able to choose the perfect gun for your … Read more

How to Make a Fishing Hook the Old Fashioned Way

Fishing Hook the Old Fashioned Way

  When it comes to survival and living off the grid, finding the source of food is one of the most important things. One of the easiest ways to get food is to go fishing. When SHTF, you might find yourself lost in the wilderness, hungry, then you’ll find a pond or … Read more