Trees to Make Allwood Cabin Kits

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If you are serious about owning or building an eco-friendly shelter by yourself, a world-class company based in New Jersey, USA, can speed up the construction process and logistic works. Allwood is keen to help you by providing you with prefabricated cabin kits that are basics for the wood-made home you have … Read more

Some of the Best Locations for Off-Grid Living


When a person or family choose to move off the grid, finding an appropriate location can be a daunting task. Some areas may be very off-grid friendly, but most areas have regulations in place that make it difficult to be self-sustaining, while some are actually hostile to the whole idea. Knowing which … Read more

Tips for Keeping Wood Dry

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Living off the grid is not all glamorous as it might seem when you check out someone’s farm or small off-grid home pictures on social media. Even in some states in the US, where living off the grid is encouraged, and you can find a great community to support you, living off … Read more

Helpful Off-Grid Living Manuals

Helpful Off-Grid Living Manuals

Living off grid can be a challenge even in states where it is not discouraged. There are a lot of things that people tend to take for granted that are electrically powered that either one must replace with manual options, or one must learn to do without. There are other factors involved … Read more

Water Filter Guide


Water is a very important part of human life. Our bodies are largely made up of water and being hydrated is a necessity for good health. Therefore, having water that is good and safe to drink is crucial. Since many off-grid locations require a well or rely on another source of water … Read more

Making Ground Meat Off-Grid

Making Ground Meat Off-Grid

Living off-grid often means limited or no electricity. This means finding other ways to take care of tasks that would normally be done with an electrically powered machine. One of these tasks is making ground meat. After hunting or trapping wildlife or butchering livestock such as cows, pigs, or rabbits, preparing meat … Read more