Benefits of Cooking on Solar Grills

HotPot panel solar cooker

The technology in cooking nowadays has already grown in leaps and bounds. Harnessing the sun’s power for cooking activities is getting efficient and famous around the world. In places, both rural and urban, where people are confronted on issues on wood fire cooking, solar grills, solar ovens, and solar cookers have attracted … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Solar Heaters

Solar water heater on the rooftop

Solar water heating (SWH) involves heating water with sunlight by using a solar thermal collector. A variety of configurations are available at different costs to provide the various solutions in different latitudes and climates. Solar water heating systems are used for industrial and residential applications. A sun-facing manifold heats a working fluid … Read more

Power Banks for Portable Power

power bank

When living off grid, there is still often a need – or at least a desire – to use electricity. One notable purpose is for charging a cell phone, which may be the only communication available for some who live off-grid. While many devices are becoming more efficient in power usage, it … Read more

How To Make Your Own Off Grid Solar Grill

How To Make Your Own Off Grid Solar Grill

Living off grid is one way to increase self-sufficiency and reduce costs. It can help protect the environment and offers some definite benefits to those who participate. One of the ways to cook without electricity is to harness the power of the sun in a solar grill. While these can be purchased … Read more

Where to Get Off-Grid Cooking Supplies

Where to Get Off-Grid Cooking Supplies

Living off grid is a great goal for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and for those who prefer to be self-sufficient. It comes with challenges, of course, including finding a good location, getting set up, and acquiring supplies. While many people who live off grid eat a quantity of … Read more

How to Heat Your Home Off the Grid

There are various reasons why people choose to live off-the-grid. Some are doing it because they want to save money. Others, on the other hand, think that living off-the-grid is the more practical and secure way of living in case the power goes out. Either way, living off-the-grid can provide a lot … Read more