Guide to Survival Shovels

When survivalists think about essential tools, they probably think of hatchets, headlamps, and knives. But shovels can be just as handy. Opening up a route through an icy pathway, digging a sanitation hole, creating an escape route by digging under a fence, or simply clearing and preparing an area for use can … Read more

Dehydrated Toothpaste for Prepping or Your Bug Out Bag

Dehydrated toothpaste for bugging out and prepping

When it comes to survival, nothing may be more important than your bug out bag (BOB). Unfortunately your bug out bag will fill up quickly so the last thing you want taking up space is a large tube of toothpaste.

Well, if you want fresh breath and a healthy smile without hogging all your BOB space, then dehydrated toothpaste is your answer. And, you can easily use your tubes of toothpaste, such as Crest, Colgate, etc. to start your dehydrated toothpaste stash.

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The Best Batteries to Stockpile for Prepping

Batteries for Prepping

We are in the 21st century and you can no longer get around the fact that you need batteries for everyday life. There are a lot of different battery brands out there, so which ones should you be stockpiling in case the power grid went down? Or, what about if there was an economic collapse and all the store’s shelves were empty? Batteries will not last forever. But they will last for a while and give you some of those small luxuries such as light, radio power, and more.

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What to Pack in Your First Aid Kit

The most important thing to have during an emergency (and in your bug out bag) is your first aid kit. Inevitably, you or someone you come across will need first aid treatment. This makes packing your first aid kit extremely important.

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