How Much Water Should I Store in an Emergency?

large bottles of drinking water

Emergencies can strike anytime, and being prepared is essential for survival. And one of the most important things to consider when preparing for an emergency is water. After all, you can last for 1-2 months without eating but only up to three days without water. In an emergency situation, access to clean … Read more

What to Cook While Camping


It doesn’t have to be difficult to decide what to eat while camping. Look no further than this collection of simple camping cuisine suggestions to enjoy at the outdoors.¬† Here, we provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal suggestions for a full day of camping, along with some additional camping tips. Start your … Read more

Reasons to Keep a 30-day Food Supply


A lot of people are wondering whether or not they should stock up on food. For some, keeping a steady stock on food conjures up images of survivalists hidden in their bunkers waiting for the end of the world. But most preppers are not like this- they merely want to insure the … Read more

What is Water Distiller?


Distillation is one of the widely used and efficient methods to purify water and make it useable in many ways. It is an undeniable fact that distilled water offers a lot of extraordinary benefits to a human body. In fact, the quantity and the quality of water intake are also linked with … Read more

Making Ground Meat Off-Grid

Making Ground Meat Off-Grid

Living off-grid often means limited or no electricity. This means finding other ways to take care of tasks that would normally be done with an electrically powered machine. One of these tasks is making ground meat. After hunting or trapping wildlife or butchering livestock such as cows, pigs, or rabbits, preparing meat … Read more

How to Dehydrate Meat


Dehydrating meat for long term storage is one way to preserve it for use at a later date. Dehydrated meat can be carried more easily than other meat sources and can be used while camping or while living off-grid. Why Dehydrate Meat? Meat is primarily protein, which makes dehydrated meat a snack … Read more

How To Feed A Family In the Wild

How To Feed A Family In the Wild

When living off-grid, feeding¬†a family takes on a variety of new challenges. If one of the options chosen is to live primarily off the land, knowing how to find safe things to eat from the things that grow wild will be very helpful. Farming can provide food throughout the summer and fall … Read more

How To Make Your Own Off Grid Solar Grill

How To Make Your Own Off Grid Solar Grill

Living off grid is one way to increase self-sufficiency and reduce costs. It can help protect the environment and offers some definite benefits to those who participate. One of the ways to cook without electricity is to harness the power of the sun in a solar grill. While these can be purchased … Read more

Guide to Freezing Vegetables

Different kinds of vegetables on the table

The reason why there is frozen produce is that they last longer than the goods in the fresh section. Frozen products can last for months, while fresh veggies can only last for a few weeks. However, if you like to prepare your food stock in case of an emergency (or if you … Read more