Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home Community

A perfect tiny house to fit into a tiny home community

A tiny homes community may be a puzzling concept to grasp, but believe us it is the real deal. Such a community comprises owners of tiny homes who live together with several of their tiny houses parked in a shared piece of land. The idea of living in tiny homes has recently … Read more

Can You Convert A Trailer Into A Tiny Home

A gray camping trailer

A trailer is a non-motorized vehicle towed by a motorized vehicle. It is commonly used to transport goods and materials. In the United States, the term is used for mobile homes or travel trailers. There are various varieties of trailers designed and manufactured for tiny homes and human habitation. The use of … Read more

Can You Convert A Bus Into A Tiny Home

Interior of a tiny home in the bus

Buses are a great way of doing a lot of things, especially when transporting dozens of passengers. Now old buses are converted into tiny homes. It is another way of making a recreational vehicle (RV). RV is a trailer or motor vehicle that can accommodate people. Converting an old bus into a … Read more

Tips for Decorating a Tiny Home

small wooden cabin in the countryside

If you are a fan and advocate of the Tiny House Movement, you must be aware of all the trending hashtags on popular social media platforms. Followers of these hashtags participate in making small living spaces esthetically pleasing and utilizing every nook and corner in the house. The truth is, the golden … Read more

Garden House Guide

Garden House Guide

If a person who is choosing to live off grid wants to buy a garden house, it could be because of the desire for a tiny house. On the other hand, even garden houses can get quite large, depending on which house is purchased. Many garden houses are unsuitable for living in, … Read more

Storage Options for Tiny Houses

types of small homes, storage options

Living in a tiny house has a variety of advantages, which include less to clean, less to heat and cool, and less to worry about. However, living in these types of small homes also has a few disadvantages, one of which is that they often have fewer places to store things that … Read more