Archery Skills Can Be Very Useful When Living Off the Grid


Living off the grid is a dream of many, either because of the economic collapse, a romantic notion or the ongoing viral pandemic. No matter, what the reason is; living off the land is only fun when you are equipped with all the basic tools to survive in the setup along with … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Types and Styles of Tiny Homes

A tiny mobile house

The average American lives in a house of approximately 2,600 square feet. Now imagine living in an 85 to 95% smaller house, a tiny house. A tiny house has an area of 100 to 400 square feet. In the current time, tiny houses are taking the country by storm as they promote … Read more

What is Water Distiller?


Distillation is one of the widely used and efficient methods to purify water and make it useable in many ways. It is an undeniable fact that distilled water offers a lot of extraordinary benefits to a human body. In fact, the quantity and the quality of water intake are also linked with … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Solar Heaters

Solar water heater on the rooftop

Solar water heating (SWH) involves heating water with sunlight by using a solar thermal collector. A variety of configurations are available at different costs to provide the various solutions in different latitudes and climates. Solar water heating systems are used for industrial and residential applications. A sun-facing manifold heats a working fluid … Read more

What Are The Essentials Needed In Any Tiny Home?

A tiny home with glass sliding doors

Gone are the times when people used to dream of big houses and a lavish lifestyle. Going tiny is the new trend nowadays. Thanks to convenient mobility and low price points, adorable tiny homes with an outside garden have become more popular than ever. However, there is more to consider when buying … Read more

Tips for Maintaining Good Hygiene When Living Off the Grid

A tiny home in a forest

Off-the-grid or off-grid is a lifestyle that people choose over different times in their lives. It is a living style without relying on one or more utilities. It usually refers to not being connected to the electricity grid but it includes other utilities such as sewer systems, gas, water, etc. Off-the-grid living … Read more

Some of the Best Locations for Off-Grid Living


When a person or family choose to move off the grid, finding an appropriate location can be a daunting task. Some areas may be very off-grid friendly, but most areas have regulations in place that make it difficult to be self-sustaining, while some are actually hostile to the whole idea. Knowing which … Read more

Tips to Make Van Living Actually Work

A woman looking out from the back of a van

The hype around the trend of buying or converting a van into a tiny house on wheels is getting quite popular. Social media is filled with inspirational pictures, posts, and blogs that inspire you to such a great extent that all you want is to give up your city life for living … Read more

Benefits to Having Cats When Living off the Grid

A person petting a cat

Having a cat can be very rewarding. Watching cat videos is enough to increase your energy level. They can be romantic, and a simple hug can result in positive emotions and relaxing effects. There are a number of psychological benefits of having a cat, especially when living off the grid. People who … Read more

Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home Community

A perfect tiny house to fit into a tiny home community

A tiny homes community may be a puzzling concept to grasp, but believe us it is the real deal. Such a community comprises owners of tiny homes who live together with several of their tiny houses parked in a shared piece of land. The idea of living in tiny homes has recently … Read more