How to Maximize Your Pedometer for Walking

How to Maximize Your Pedometer for Walking

Exercise is one of the most crucial ways to stay fit and healthy. However, despite knowing about the benefits of exercise, many Americans are still deterred from working out. A study on 2,000 adults in the US found that 42% of respondents didn’t like gym memberships, 36% were too embarrassed to ask staff for … Read more

Foods Containing TNF-Alpha Inhibitors

Foods Containing TNF-Alpha Inhibitors

Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) is also known as cachexin or cachectin. It is a cytokine, one of the proteins that the immune system uses to fight infection. It causes an inflammatory response, which is used against contaminants in cuts and wounds as well as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The TNF-alpha’s job is … Read more

First Aid for Off Grid

First Aid for Off Grid

Living off grid has some unique challenges. People who choose to live off grid often choose to completely limit access to the outside world in everything from electricity to groceries to medical and dental care. When this is the case, it is important to have the supplies to handle medical situations to … Read more

Feminine Hygiene in an Off-the-Grid Situation

feminine hygiene in an off the grid situation

Statistics show that men are more interested in off-the-grid living than women. It is understandable – in general, women prefer living in comfort than men, and may see that living off-the-grid with limited access to hygienic resources as gross. However, there are few women who have bravely decided to live away from … Read more

How to Make Your Own Toothpaste


Making your own toothpaste is essential for a lot of reasons. It can be because you want to be self-sufficient, you can to save money, or you want to preserve the environment. But aside from those things, another valuable reason to make your own toothpaste is because it can be a valuable … Read more

Health Benefits of Thyme and Other Essential Oils

Thyme essential oil

Thyme is an herb that is popular in our kitchens with other condiments. But it is also used to make domestic and herbal medicines, and as well as essential oils. Thyme essential oil came from the steam distillation of the leaves, stems, and flowers of the plant. It has a fresh and … Read more

Nature’s Most Powerful Antibiotics and Essential Oils when SHTF

If there is any type of economic collapse like the Great Depression history, one of the first few places that will be wiped clean might be the pharmacies all across the United States. People can be desperate to get their drugs because to some, their medications mean life or death. This includes … Read more

12 Surprising Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide for Off Grid Living

If you’re like most households you probably have more than one bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your kitchen cabinet or under your bathroom sink. Hydrogen peroxide has been around for about 200 years. It uses has seemed to expand with more people finding that hydrogen peroxide does some pretty amazing things. We … Read more

Do Ripe Bananas with Dark Patches Combat Abnormal Cells or Cancer?

Ripe Bananas Help Fight Cancer

There has been many articles lately about how ripe bananas have an anti-cancer type effect, meaning it could be used to help combat abnormal cells or even help to thwart off cancer. Japanese scientists that have spent some time researching fruits and vegetables and the effects of those foods on health have discovered that a within ripe bananas there is a substance, nicknamed Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (or TNF-alpha for short). This substance, according to their study, helps to increase the immune system capacity. The conclusion of the study was that eating those ripe bananas may just prevent certain lifestyle-related diseases and/or carcinogenesis.

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Soursop Super Fruit with Anti-tumor and Cancer Properties

Soursop Super Fruit Anti cancer Food

HEALTH TIP: The soursop fruit, also known as graviola (Portuguese) guanábana (Spanish), or corossol (French) is a large, green fruit with a dull spiked surface, found mainly in tropical regions. It comes from a small evergreen tree with dark green leaves. You can eat it ripe by tearing off the green surface. A ripe soursop fruit can be very soft and easy to tear apart with the fingers. On the inside is a soft creamy pulp embedded with numerous black seeds. The pulp, the seeds, and even the leaves and bark can be of significant health benefits.

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