Can you build your own tiny home?

Tiny houses exposed at an alternative housing festival in Belgium

It is entirely possible to construct a little house! All you need to do is prepare, be willing to fully comprehend the process, and be ready to learn from others’ mistakes. Even if you are new to home building, there is a good chance you will encounter a few obstacles along the … Read more

What are the must-have items for any tiny Home?

snow-covered wooden house inside the forest

Remember that when building a tiny house there is more to consider than just the price, charm, and Instagram-worthiness. Small homeowners must also be particularly cognizant of their new space restrictions because the majority of tiny houses are fewer than 400 square feet in size. Owners will undoubtedly need to use their … Read more

Solar Power Options for Off-Grid Cooking


Utilizing solar energy for cooking is a fun and effective way to use a sustainable resource. When food is cooked in solar ovens, it gently cooks and does not burn, retaining its moisture and nutrients. Utilizing a solar oven to cook, heat, or sterilize food and beverages is known as off-grid cooking … Read more

How deep should you build an Underground Fridge


There are a number of things to take into account when digging for an underground fridge. Consequently, the depth of an underground fridge in a cold climate will be different from the underground fridge in a warm climate. The concept of this type of storage is simple: at certain depths, temperatures and … Read more

Where to Find Prefab Tiny Homes for Under $30K

Eco tiny home & housing estate concept

The idea of owning a simple and tiny home is getting more appealing nowadays. Despite the boom of condominiums, subdivisions, and housing villages, many young people are opting for a minimalistic lifestyle, including owning prefab tiny homes under $30K. Interestingly, 63 percent of the millennials are more keen on possessing tiny homes … Read more

Trees to Make Allwood Cabin Kits

Woman sitting on the bed and looks outside the window seeing mountain.

If you are serious about owning or building an eco-friendly shelter by yourself, a world-class company based in New Jersey, USA, can speed up the construction process and logistic works. Allwood is keen to help you by providing you with prefabricated cabin kits that are basics for the wood-made home you have … Read more

Cost of Creating an Underground Fridge

an entrance to a root cellar

A root cellar is quite a cool idea as they are nature‚Äôs refrigerators. Basically, they are holes that were dug into the ground and used the whole year to keep vegetables and dry goods. It is a dry and cool place that does not freeze during the winter season or get too … Read more