The Best Dogs to Have When Going Off the Grid

Going off the grid is a rewarding way to live because you and your family can enjoy the experience of relying on each other and being self-sufficient. You will be able to raise your children the way you like while protecting them from the dangers and influences they can get from modern society and city life. It is also a way to instill in them love and appreciation for the natural world and as well as for animals. For more info on keeping your pet happy & healthy – []

When you go off the grid, you will keep animals, grow your own food, and live off of the land. Therefore, it’s also important to get a dog to help you be efficient and as well as for companionship and for protection. They can protect the animals you keep such as chickens, sheep, and cows from predators such as coyotes and raccoons. Aside from that, they are also helpful in herding and organizing your animals. And more importantly, a dog can provide you and your family companion.

The Best Dogs to Have When Going Off the Grid

If you plan on getting a dog when you live off the grid, what breed do you think would best suit that kind of lifestyle? Different dogs have been bred many years ago to perform different tasks. What you should look for are those which are bred to protect the household, herd livestock, pull equipment, and track and retrieve prey.

If you haven’t decided what dog breed to get yet, we’re here to help. Here are the best dogs to have when going off the grid.

1. Terriers


Terriers are known in the present time as fun and cute dog breeds. But before they became house pets, they used to be hunting breeds and their backgrounds most commonly revolved around farming. Since living off the grid means building a sustainable garden, Terrier dog breeds will be able to help keep rodents and other animals away from the fresh fruits and vegetables. Aside from that, they are also fearless dogs that can chase away raccoons, foxes, and coyotes.

2. German Shepherd

German ShepherdGerman Shepherd is a versatile dog breed and they are originally bred to be herding dogs. They are popular because of their intelligence, loyalty, protection abilities, and they are easy to train as well. This is the reason why they are used by the military and police forces for tracking, rescue, searching, and protection. Therefore, with these traits, they are also great as farm dogs. They can herd your livestock, protect them from predators, and stand as a guard dog to your house as well. Aside from being hardworking, a German Shepherd is also an affectionate and loving family pet.

3. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are many pet owners’ favorite dog because they are easy to train, laid back, and eager to please. In fact, they are often used as assistance dogs for physically impaired people. And these same traits are what make them perfect for living off the grid. You will be able to train them to retrieve for you, pull carts, and track prey as well. They are also great watchdogs, but they are not eager to attack so they might not work as guard dogs. But they can surely alert you when there are intruders or predators nearing your livestock.

4. Mutts

MuttsMutts are known to be the world’s most prevalent dog. There are a lot of people who do not want to get a mixed breed dog but what’s good about Mutts is that they lack many of the inherited genetic health problems that most purebred dogs have. Aside from that, they possess a lot of great properties such as intelligence, loyalty, and willingness to work, making them an ideal choice for off the grid living.

5. Bouvier des Flandres

This dog breed is known as an all-around farm dog. It was developed in Belgium for families who needed a working dog to give them a hand in doing different tasks. This makes Bouvier one of the most versatile dogs around, which is a great pet choice when going off the grid. They can help you in herding, pulling carts and track, and in protecting your garden and home as well.

6. Australian Shepherd

Australian ShepherdThe Australian Shepherd was originally developed in the United States and not in Australia. It is also an all-around dog that is intelligent and very easy to train. They are bred as herding dogs and are also a friendly and great companion, making them perfect pets when going off the grid. They are great watchdogs and can protect your small children as well.

7. Weimaraner

WeimaranerThe Weimaraner is a good family dog and is also popular with bird hunters in North America. They are also gentle in nature, similar to Labradors. If you’re looking for a companion pet when you go off the grid, the Weimaraner might be a great choice as well.

8. Beagle

BeagleBeagles are a breed of scent hounds, therefore, they excel in chasing rabbits, raccoons, and other animals. But they do best when they are in a pack, so if you choose this breed when you go off the grid, it’s better to own at least a few of these dogs together. There’s also no problem with getting them along with other breeds because they are highly social animals.

9. Border Collie

Border CollieThis is considered as the most intelligent among all domestic dog breeds. They do great in herding sheep and cattle, making them great pets for off-grid living. Aside from that, they are also great around children and can quickly become one of the family.

Getting a dog when you go off grid is certainly a decision you won’t regret. Aside from being efficient and helpful in running your farm, they can also provide you and your family peace of mind, protection, and companionship.