Boxing for Self Defense

When it comes to self-defense, there’s pretty much no better fighting style than boxing since punching is the easiest thing to do. However, to make your punches effective and protect yourself from your opponent, it’s important for you to master boxing. In this article, let’s talk about boxing for self-defense and some ways on how to get better at it for the sake of your safety.

Boxing for Self Defense

Since boxing requires proper positioning, timing, footwork, and more, many consider it as the least suitable form of fighting to use for street fights. However, it can help a lot in defending yourself during a fight. With boxing, you can learn not only the art of punching and hitting but also the techniques on how to avoid getting hit.

Below, learn some modified techniques in boxing suited for street fights and pretty much other sorts of fights outside the battle ring.

Punches to Palms

Although this technique sounds easy to execute, it’s actually a very challenging one that requires training. Learn how to do hooks, jabs, crosses, and uppercuts with palm strikes instead of some types of punches.

As much as possible, avoid punching an opponent in the head as you may end up breaking your hand if you hit his head. Take note that you’re not on the ring, and you will not have the luxury of time to wear gloves to protect your hands from taking damage.

However, if you’re aiming for the jaw, it may be a good idea. Just make your punches precise and strong to make sure that you won’t hit the hard part of the head and hurt your hand.


This refers to lead structures. In boxing, it’s important for you to identify the lead structure of your opponent – whether he has a right lead or a left lead. Most boxers only have either one of these lead structure types, so what their opponents do is train according to their lead structure.

However, boxing on the street has a different case. You won’t know the kind of lead your opponent has right then and there. Considering this, it’s important to master both leads. Make sure that your right jab and cross are just as good as your left so that you can be flexible regardless of the type of attacker you encounter.

Moreover, with this technique, you can quickly learn MMA’s alternating crosses or boxing blasts which can help you blast your opponent with multiple offenses at once. You will also find combinations much easier with this technique.


Although you’re using boxing as your main self-defense, you can always use attacks other than boxing. During street fights, feel free to integrate kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, and other types of offensive attacks with your boxing. This way, you can beat your opponent regardless of his fighting style.

Learning to Slip Punches

One of the hardest parts of boxing is slipping punches. Although you know the gist of moving your head and body to slip punches, slipping still always ends up as a challenging move to execute.

What is Slipping?

Slipping in boxing refers to a defensive boxing technique of avoiding a punch without sacrificing other parts of your body for defense. It is a million times better than a normal blocking defense, but it may also be a million times harder.

What makes slipping so hard anyway?

Slip is harder because it relies on reflexes rather than on physical barriers. To make it all easier for you, we’ll give you tips on how to master slips.

Bait with Movement

It is a no-brainer that moving is the key to slipping. However, your opponents may be well aware of this too. Therefore, don’t allow your opponent to read your movements. Make them as unpredictable as much as possible.

Sync in with Your Opponent’s Rhythm

This means slipping with the same timing as your opponent’s punches. Try to feel the rhythm of your opponent.


While slipping is a great move, it’s not effective if all you do is slip and slip. To win your fight, master the combination of defense and offense.


Boxing for self-defense is a very effective way to keep yourself protected. Start training for boxing and use the abovementioned techniques to make your fighting style the perfect one to use for defense.