5 Boy Scout Skills for Outdoor Survival

Whether you were in boy scouts or not, every one should gain these outdoor survival skills. Some of us gained some of this knowledge through our time in the Boy Scouts, where we learned the power of teamwork, ingenuity, and self-reliance. Learning how to deal with the most basic of situations can often be the largest thing we do in life.

1. Basic First Aid

You need to know how to treat wounds, burns and be able to mend breaks and fractures. These are the basics that can be done with or without a first aid kit and could end up saving your life during an emergency.

2. Self Protection

If you are lost in the wild then you need to know how to handle yourself around hungry predators. If you are approached by wolves, coyotes or cougars, make yourself as big as possible, shout at the animal and, if needed, throw anything you can at the animal. Making your own weapons, like hand-made spears and knives out of wood is also a great skill to have in case a wild animal gets too close.

3. Build a Shelter

Unless you like living out in the open pervious to all the natural elements, it is suggested you learn how to build a nice shelter. The boy scouts learn early on how to craft a simple A-frame structure. Creating this type of structure, along with other learned structures, will help you stay out of the elements, keeping yourself dryer and warmer.

4. Start a Fire

Another life-saving skill that everyone should have is fire starting. You won’t always have a lighter or matches so be prepared to start a fire using your glasses, rocks, a magnifying glass, sticks or even a water bottle. Test your fire starting skills regularly and under various conditions to make sure you can always be prepared when the time comes.

5. How to Find Food and Water

Long term survival requires an adequate amount of food and water. You need to be able to determine which plants are edible and how to build small animal traps. Just as important is learning to follow the signs of nature to discover good watering holes.

Every good boy scout has these skills and you should too if you plan on surviving in the wilderness. What are some other skills you might add to the list?