Amazing Camping Hack: Keep a Fire Burning for Hours with Just One Log

Fire Burning for Hours with Just One LogMost campers and hikers will often find they need to constantly keep throwing large logs or branches on a fire to keep it burning for even 1 or 2 hours. And, if you fall asleep while camping, you can expect your fire will go out typically within 45 minutes to 1 hour later. This isn’t good if you need to stay warm. Or, you need to keep a fire going in wet conditions.

A Youtube user named “Doogly” created a simple video that will show you how to create what’s called a “Swedish torch,” or better put, a sustainable fire made with just one log. The Swedish torch legend was thought to originate from hobo, who was looking for an efficient way to stay warm during cold winters. So, he cut a small log as the video shows and stayed warm for many more hours versus a traditional campfire.

So, the next time you go camping, it might be a real benefit to bring along a small electric chainsaw or at least a hand saw capable of sawing through a 10-12″ (circumference) log. If you don’t have a saw and want to improvise, then check out this other video on how to create a Swedish torch using multiple, smaller pieces of wood bound together with twine or vines.