Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home Community

A tiny homes community may be a puzzling concept to grasp, but believe us it is the real deal. Such a community comprises owners of tiny homes who live together with several of their tiny houses parked in a shared piece of land.

The idea of living in tiny homes has recently been spreading like wildfire. Many shows have adopted this idea for a storyline; Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Big Living, Tiny House Nation, etc. It’s safe to say, tiny houses are the “it” thing in current times.

Living in tiny homes is the new trend that conforms to the current popular rage of sustainable living and/or living off grid. Not only does it save you expenses but helps the planet survive a little longer, so a great bet to say the least.

In any case, living off grid in a tiny homes community comes with its set of advantages and drawbacks. For instance, limited space means cutting down on furniture, rooms, and probably other essentials. However, the benefits of tiny house living are extremely compelling.

Here are some immensely stimulating advantages that accompany living in tiny home communities. But, before you take up on that endeavor, you must primarily be able to handle confined spaces.

How Tiny Are Tiny Homes?

A typical tiny home can be as small as 500 square feet. This would be (estimated) less than a quarter of the size of an average house. In fact, there are houses that are a mere 60 square feet in size. Therefore when we talk about limited spaces, we mean it.

The whole purpose of tiny homes is to have a dwelling that is just large enough to accommodate the basic necessities that you need. In this scenario, large can be 400-500 square feet or 60 square feet but probably no larger than that.

Moreover, the idea of a tiny house is not subjective. This means that tiny houses don’t grow larger based on the number of people living in them. For instance, if you have a family of 6 members, that does not mean your particular tiny home will have 6 rooms. Again, the idea is to have a house just big enough for your primary needs.

Benefits of Tiny Homes in a Tiny Home Community

Living in a tiny homes community is very much akin to living off the grid. Especially when you consider the minimal environmental impacts this lifestyle entails.

As a member of a tiny house community, you enjoy benefits ranging from a healthy mental and physical health to sustainable living without concerns of expensive resources. 

1. Curtailed Daily Expenses

The definition of living in tiny homes includes environmentally sustainable means of living. The house itself is constructed using less expensive, renewable, and fewer materials which mean a significant amount of savings.

In addition to that, since the lifestyle is based on sustainability, people living in tiny home communities have no worries of high utility bills, issues of power outages, and other such money consuming resources. People in tiny homes communities don’t have to spend large sums on their off grid living essentials.

Such communities use generators, solar panels, wells or water tankers, heaters, and other such resources to substitute the luxurious privileges of city life. As such, they live a far more economical and affordable life compared to their city counterparts who are constantly in a hustle to make ends meet. 

2. Tiny Homes Communities Welcome All

Tiny Homes Communities Welcome All

Unlike the typical idea of where a new trend or fashion is affordable or meant for only a select few, the tiny homes community actually stands as a stark contrast. These communities are for all who wish to give the sustainable lifestyle of no worries a chance.

Since the houses are tiny and take less materials, time, and money to be constructed, anyone can afford them. This spectacularly solves the issue of homelessness in such communities. Considering that anyone would be able to afford the tiny house, people would not face homelessness in a tiny homes community.

The affordability of tiny homes allows many an opportunity to get off the streets and live a life of dignity among respectable people.

The constant emphasis on the houses being tiny should not discourage you into thinking such houses cannot be turned into homes. For you can easily decorate, renovate, and design your tiny house to give it the most luxurious look in a sustainable context.

Additionally, since the houses are designed to have enough space for you, you will not find storing your essentials a problem. 

3. Fostering healthy bonds 


Tiny homes communities are characteristic of forming beautiful and healthy community bonds. Living on shared land allows interactive and productive opportunities, from simply hanging out together to indulging in recreational activities.

The lifestyle of living off grid is not very easy and may require some adjusting. This presents as the perfect opportunity for the community to come together for any problems at all and bond over the issues as well as innovative solutions. Instead of being holed up in their own individual houses, tiny houses with no unnecessary distractions propel people to get out and engage.

Such communities function like small towns where regular meetings are held to ensure a smooth running and to keep the community connected. People eat together, indulge in chores together, and solve their daily lives issues together. Therefore, these communities really end up becoming a giant family of once strangers. 

4. Excellent Mental and Physical Health

Excellent Mental and Physical Health

The most intriguing and phenomenal part about tiny homes community is that you can form the community literally anywhere! Tiny houses can literally be made out of busses and have wheels.

So, you can locate the community in a beautiful lush green area where you wake up to birds chirping and fall asleep to a blanket of stars. The ideal solution for a peaceful state of mind. 

Moreover, the tight-knit community, with a large space of land, has ample opportunities to come together and farm or garden. Collectively, such communities are capable of creating an ecosystem. Eating fresh food grown with your own hands would do wonders for anyone’s physical health!

Tiny Homes Communities

If the idea of tiny houses is still perplexing, you would be happy to know that there are a number of tiny house communities in existence today. For instance, a tiny homes community comprising four tiny houses called “Simple Home Community” is functionally situated in Portland, Oregon.

Communities formed of tiny houses have unparalleled benefits. As part of such a community you will enjoy a healthy relationship with other members, live a life of peace and good health, and be significantly free from money troubles.

The tiny homes in these communities function exceptionally. They look beautiful, they comprise all off grid living essentials, and do not feel like a downgrade. Again, we would like to emphasize on the adjustment to limited spaces before looking into tiny houses.

This is not to say that life in tiny homes becomes hunky dory all of a sudden. This lifestyle demands its own sacrifices and entails certain requirements. However, at the end of the day, it can be an extremely rewarding experience in terms of health, mental peace, savings, and an overall beautiful life.