Tips for Decorating a Tiny Home

If you are a fan and advocate of the Tiny House Movement, you must be aware of all the trending hashtags on popular social media platforms. Followers of these hashtags participate in making small living spaces esthetically pleasing and utilizing every nook and corner in the house.

The truth is, the golden rule of thriving in small spaces is to use up the area wisely. Keep in mind that the reality of living in small spaces is a lot different from the staged world of social media. Therefore, your tiny apartment might not look like the best-rated small apartment on social media. Nevertheless, you have the right to do everything you possibly can to decorate your small space and make it cozy for yourself.

Tips for Decorating Your Small Apartment 

1. Scale-up 

Scale up

Living in tiny apartments has tons of benefits. You can make your home as cozy as possible and be comfortable in every corner of the house. However, to achieve this kind of comfort and coziness, you need first to size up your tiny home. Size up every corner of the house and have the measurements ready whenever you buy something for your house. Be it essential items for survival during harsh weather or any calamity or the monthly grocery, you need to know how much storage space you have for everything.

2. Do Not Clutter Things 

Scale up

It is the most obvious tip for decorating your tiny house. No matter how tempted you feel in the home section of any store, do not overbuy. Ponder on the most valuable things that you cannot survive without in your home and list them.

For instance, you cannot skip buying a comfortable mattress that relieves your back after a tiring day. Also, buying a pile of new cookware that attracted you in the kitchen section is not a big deal if you live in a big house. However, living in a small apartment compels you to think about whether you can do without a particular purchase or not. If you already have a cookware utensil set that works perfectly for you, do not buy another just because it looks cool. Tiny houses cannot survive with clutter.

3. Light Color Palette 

Choosing a color palette is the fundamental step of decorating any home. For tiny apartments, a light color palette is always preferred. White walls with some accent colors make your house look bigger. White paint illuminates light and gives an illusion of a bigger space.

4. Free the Blocked Windows 

Free the Blocked Windows

This tip is suitable for decorating every house. The more you let natural light in the house, the more gleaming your home seems. Natural light augments the shine in every piece of art in the house. As a result, your house fills with sunlight and reflects high-end esthetics.

For accomplishing this, you need to free all the blocked windows in your house. Move the furniture around and declutter some things so that the windows can be opened. It also allows air circulation inside the house, keeping the environment fresh.

5. Decorate with Items That Serve More Than Two Functions 

Decorate with Items That Serve More Than Two Functions

Tiny houses require planned decoration. You have to think twice before randomly buying anything. It also benefits in putting a stop to mindless spending on unnecessary home decorating items. A pro tip for decorating your tiny house is to purchase decoration items that also come in handy for storage.

For instance, you can use the staircase as a storage drawer or build cabinets under the bed. Any eye sore spaces in your tiny house that can be turned into cabinets or drawers are best for decoration. Also, you can hang a woven basket or nail a file cart to the wall for decoration and use it as a wine craft.

6. Use Up as Much Vertical Space as You Can 

Use Up as Much Vertical Space as You Can

The most versatile option for decorating or putting up art in tiny homes is the walls. Use up as much vertical space as you can wisely in your tiny house. Select art pieces that enhance your ambiance or the ones that reflect your personality.

Lining up vertical spaces with hanging lights, paintings, floating storage shelves, or plants. Plants make any living space lively and full of a fresh look. You can get small artificial plant pots and hang them along the wall.

7. One Big Item versus Several Smaller Ones 

One Big Item versus Several Smaller Ones

Are you obsessed with neat-looking small apartments on Pinterest and wish you could achieve the same look? Well, it is not so difficult. Do you know what gives your tiny house a cleaner and more organized look? A big item such as a comfy bed or a lounge sofa tucked neatly in a corner creates a cleaner look instead of several small chairs grouped.

So, it is best to get a large ottoman with storage options beneath it instead of small sofas covering all the corners. Also, instead of displaying the whole set of wine glasses on a floating shelf in your living room, use one glass and a pitcher. You can also place a coffee mug with a nice message printed to add to the esthetics.

8. Embrace the Natural Light 

Embrace the Natural Light

If you are thinking of decorating your tiny house, think about bringing as much sunlight as possible. If you can add a skylight in your home, then do it without any doubt. Adorn the skylight with fancy lights around the window, and you will see how your house shines.

Uncover the windows and use light-colored drapes to enhance their purpose. You can also place a floating bookshelf near the big window and put a comfortable pile of floor cushions to make a reading nook. Have a coffee table nearby where you can place your hot cup of java and enjoy the best times of your life.

Tiny Houses do not Imply Limited Options 

Living and thriving in a tiny house is no restraint or punishment. There is no shortage of options when it comes to tastefully decorating a tiny home. You can do anything to take up the decorations to the next level. You have to be creative and innovative. Efficiency is also a fundamental key in decorating tiny spaces.

Fancy hanging lights instead of recessed ones is one of the best options for small spaces. They look so good and make your house seem bigger. Floating shelves along the walls give a perception of open space. Tiny spaces require mindful home shopping, and there is nothing wrong with it. It will help if you let go of the clutter and stick to the necessities. It also changes your lifestyle for good. You become less of a thrift spender and transform into an intelligent saver.

You can increase your savings and have the time of your life traveling or pursuing other passions. Tiny homes are not just homes; they are commitments that bring the best out of you.