Can You Convert A Bus Into A Tiny Home

Buses are a great way of doing a lot of things, especially when transporting dozens of passengers. Now old buses are converted into tiny homes. It is another way of making a recreational vehicle (RV). RV is a trailer or motor vehicle that can accommodate people. Converting an old bus into a tiny home can be perfect for those who like to go on trips more often or who are always on the move.

With the right size and sturdy frame, you can convert a bus into a comfortable tiny home. If you are having some extra money, then you can convert a bus into a luxury tiny home. Most of the RVs or buses converted into tiny homes have a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, sleeping quarters, television, satellite receivers, etc. Instead of using RVs that are dragged behind a car by a hook, you can have your moving tiny home in a bus.

Why Buses Make Great Tiny Houses?

In the 60s and 70s, there was a movement where people used to convert the buses into tiny homes but it died out in the 80s and 90s. In the current time, people have started working on converting a bus into their tiny home. The bus, especially the big yellow bus is durable and cheap as compared to the purchase price of a used RV.

RVs are designed to be light but the buses are designed to perform. It gives steel panels and steel bodies on the frame of a heavy commercial truck. Under the hood, there are commercial-grade diesel engines that help you to take your tiny home anywhere.

Affordable Living

Affordable Living

For many people, living in a small house begins as a necessity. It is a lifestyle that is a force to choose because of its affordability. If you are up for this job, then a bus opens up one or two options of the upfront cost of converting the bus into a tiny home.

There are few cost factors that you need to consider while converting a school bus into a tiny home. It starts from mileage, age, type, and condition. Also, you should consider if you are buying only the frame or the shell of the bus with the motor still intact. To your surprise, you will find few old school buses with decent engines. It is because the school systems retire the bus once it reaches 100,000 miles.

Keep in mind that even the cheapest bus would be the perfect option. Frame and shell would be enough for you to convert a bus into a tiny home. The extra things that you set up on the bus will be according to your budget.

Tons of Customization and Space

Tons of Customization and Space

The philosophy of the little home is to personalize the home according to your family’s needs. For more customization, make sure that you start building a tiny home on the bus from the scratch. As a result, you need the best options such as a trailer and build the tiny home according to your requirements.

On the other hand, the option of converting a bus offers a good compromise. It is the best option for those who don’t want to imagine an entire house out of nowhere. The frame and shell provide you an opportunity to go beyond the boundaries and build what you want to.

If you prefer a small manufactured home or a manufactured RV, then you won’t be able to make your dream tiny home. The frame and shell of the bus give you tons of space and customization such as kitchen, bathroom, rooms, etc.

With all the space on a standard 34-foot-long school bus, you have plenty of room for custom work. It depends on you if you want to convert the bus for a fun time or comfortably fit the family of five with all necessities.

Types of Buses


Types of Buses
Name  Manufacturer  Type Year  Feature  Dimension L x W x H (mm)
3Tr Skoda Transportation Single Deck 1941 to 1948 Trolley Bus 10,550 x 2,500 x 3,300
672RN  Fiat Single Deck 1948 to 1952 Commuter Bus 11,800 x 2,490 x 3,090
55 Ikarus Single Deck 1955 to 1973 High-floor coach 11,400 x 2,500 x 2,900
706 RTO-K Skoda Karosa Single Deck 1960 Articulated 16,120 x 2,500 x 2,980
180 Ikarus Single Deck 1966 to 1973 Articulated 16,500 x 2,500 x 2,950
251 Minsk Automobile Plant Single Deck 2006 to present Coach 12,000 x 2,550 x 3,820
700/800/900 Series (Flyer) Western Flyer, AM General, New Flyer, Flyer Industries Single Deck 1967 to 1987 Transit Bus 10,668 x 2,438 x 2,850

Sturdier and Safer for Travel


Traditional tiny homes are homes built on wheels. It means that even minor altercations on the road could cause serious damage to your home. Driving the little tiny homes always makes you hope that nothing goes wrong on the road. It is because your home is at risk.

The bus that you will be using for your tiny home, should be sturdier and safe. It should not let you worry about minor crashes or minor bumps. Some school buses are designed and built to a high safety standard that most tiny houses cannot match. It means that if something happens on the road, your tiny home should be able to withstand all serious accidents.

Floor Plan and Wiring

Floor Plan and Wiring

When you start working on the bus to make a tiny home, the first thing is to clear out the bus from the seats. When the bus is emptied and ready, you can work on the floor plan by installing everything that you want for your little home. Make sure that you have worked on it properly because you don’t want to change it after a time. After all, it can be costly.

Plan out the areas that are designated for appliances and furniture. Find out the best way to make a luxury lifestyle in the little home. The difference between a perfect floor plan and a good floor plan is the difference between a comfortable space and a small area. Installation can take months if you are doing a DIY project such as ceiling, composting toilets, floors, walls, cabinets, air conditioners, counters, windows, etc.

Installing these parts can just require basic skills. On the other hand, the hardest part is plumbing and electrical work. For this work, you might need professional help.



Parking and driving a huge, full-sized, or mid-sized bus can be a wild drive experience and hard for some people who have never driven a bus. It might take time for you to adjust to the driving techniques and experience. It is advised that the new bus driver should drive with extreme caution.

Make sure that you research in the community for parking overnight. Also, if you are not planning on staying in one place for a long-time, then you should be researching the spot. For short-term parking, you can use the parking lot of supermarkets or other parking lots.

Bus Tiny Homes – Tips of Converting Bus To Tiny Home

When you plan to make a tiny home on a bus, there are various factors that you have to consider before making a final decision. Most people, convert old school buses, transit buses, articulated buses, or coaches into tiny and luxury homes because they like to travel more often. Also, some people convert the bus into a tiny home as a hobby.

If you are planning to move into a tiny home on a bus, then make sure that you have considered all costs and factors. Once, you have bought the bus according to your requirements, you need to clear out the bus by ripping the bus benches. Then you have to plan the floor, ceiling, bedroom, kitchen, etc. All of these can change your lifestyle if you manage to use modern equipment within a budget.