Why Is Living Off the Grid Good For Our Mental Health?

Mental illness is on the rise each year. There was a time when people in their mid-30s mostly suffered from anxiety and depression. Today, unfortunately, teenagers are also suffering from extreme mental conditions. Considering our everyday demanding lives, mental health is greatly compromised. Living off the grid is one of the best ways to relieve stress and boost mental health. 

Since the lifestyle is experiencing a growing trend, more and more people are looking towards it as a solution. This article looks at how relying on your own resources and capabilities helps you improve naturally. 

Health Benefits of Living Off The Grid

Self-Reliance and Mental Health


Going off the grid means that you will need to be self-reliant. This also means not plugging into any utility that provides electricity and water. With so many options available in our surroundings, it can be quite easy to forget how hard it is to nourish ourselves. Plus, with so much happening in the world nowadays, which is communicated mostly through our cell phones, it can make us feel worthless. 

However, jumping off the grid allows us to reset our barometer. By understanding and realizing what you are capable of, you tend to boost your self-esteem and confidence. Although you might not be able to solve all the problems of the world but atleast learn to take care of yourself. 

Mental Health and Boredom

Boredom is frowned upon by many people. It is a situation where you do not have anything to do and feel helpless. However, what we fail to realize is that it is the perfect opportunity to divert our attention to something productive and helps us feel good about ourselves. 

In today’s world, we have everything at our fingertips as long as we continue tapping our phones. However, you need something that keeps you productive and is worth all the energy and focus. While you are bored, you should let your mind wander. This allows you to think of something new, exciting, and maybe productive. 

Living off the grid in that sense prevents any distractions and enables you to think clearly. In most cases, you might stumble upon a solution that you were seeking for years. It all takes place once you enter the default mode, thanks to living off the grid. 

Fewer Distractions and More Noticing

Our modern lives are full of distractions. Even when it comes to performing regular household chores, we tend to be distracted by our phones and family members. This prevents us from noticing and capturing small and subtle details that matter.

Since our busy lives are filled with duties and responsibilities, we hardly notice the change taking place in ourselves. That is why you feel surprised upon finding something that has always been there. Our modern lives also distract us from noticing how regular things make a huge impact on our lives. However, if you were to eliminate distraction and notice things closely, it would completely change your perception of life. 

Reducing Everyday Stress

Reducing Everyday Stress

Our lives are not complete without expectations and expectations play a huge role in our stress and anxiety. It is not surprising that almost everything triggers stress nowadays. It maybe the monthly bills, relationships, your social circle, and whatnot. And the worst part about it is that you cannot ignore it no matter how much you run away from it. 

Living off the grid takes away all that. Once you realize that you are not answerable to anyone anymore and are not responsible for anyone’s happiness and expectations, you begin to open up. This is when all your hidden emotions come through and you feel the stress leaving your body. We have yoga and all other sorts of exercises aimed to achieve the same goal. 

However, yoga and other exercises cannot prevent disappointments, stress, depression, and anxiety. You need to train your mind and body to be free of such things. Living off the grid in that respect inculcates self-realization. It isn’t long until you realize that it is only your happiness and satisfaction that matters. You do not need to be dependent on anyone for basic necessities since you already know your capabilities. 

Unhinged Society, Unhinged Mind

Unhinged Society, Unhinged Mind

Societies today limit our actions and create an illusion according to which we lead our lifestyles. These man-made rules and regulations are part of the reason behind our declining mental conditions. With each passing year, instead of lifting ourselves and becoming better, we are falling. 

Our expectations are unrealistic and the reality is far worse. With rising inflation and employment, who can think of a better future? The governments and media outlets continue to exploit the struggling and average class. Living off the grid takes us away from all the expectations and fake standards set up by societies. 

As a result, we are no longer bound to follow their rules and become slaves to what some people think is right. Taking control of the situations and being responsible for their own circumstances breeds empowerment. 

Instead of the government and the society deciding your fate and what you deserve, you offer it to yourself and overcome the feeling of depression and anxiety. As soon as people realize that they have their own resources, they feel content about not having anyone else control the outcomes, even if it leads to failure. 

Living as God Intended

Humans just like animals are and need to be self-reliant. For years and even today, people tend to depend on others because that removes most of the struggle and efforts. However, this is where our expectations of others start to disappoint us. Since people do not take responsibility for their lives, it is easy to fall into the debt trap. 

As a result, the loss of independence and self-control is inevitable. Once you find a way around it and realize that humans are free to do what they choose, it brings us closer to what we value. 

Final Word

Living off the grid boosts your mental health as it eliminates the stress and anxiety trigged by society and its expectations. As you discover your inner voice and freedom, you break down any negative thoughts and patterns that you have. This results in accomplishing new goals, discovering better skills, and ultimately living a life that boosts confidence, self-esteem, and happiness.