How deep should you build an Underground Fridge

There are a number of things to take into account when digging for an underground fridge. Consequently, the depth of an underground fridge in a cold climate will be different from the underground fridge in a warm climate. The concept of this type of storage is simple: at certain depths, temperatures and humidity remain constant despite the weather conditions above ground.


An underground refrigerator should typically be 10 feet (3 meters) deep. However, in other areas where the earth is dry or sandy, you might need to go deeper because that is where the temperature is consistently between 32 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit (0 and 4.5 degrees Celsius).

In a cold region, the depth of an underground refrigerator will differ. In this case, it is important to be at least partially below the permafrost level, whereas in a climate with a warmer climate, it is necessary to reach a temperature that is stable and can shield crops from the heat.


The position to search for when excavating for the underground refrigerator is the level that will naturally maintain a uniform temperature. For an underground fridge to work properly, it must be at least partially below the frost line, hence it is crucial to locate it.

Most subterranean refrigerators—which may be anything from a garbage can to a specially constructed room—are placed on the side of the home that receives the most cooling or by excavating into a hill. Most people will be on the north side of this. It is possible that an underground refrigerator on the north side won’t need to be as deep as one on the south.

You must ensure that the area is suitable for the subterranean refrigerator by making the necessary preparations. The ideal location should be chosen because it significantly affects the ground refrigerator’s ability to cool. The area where the refrigerator will go should have the following qualities: shaded, free of stones and roots, and without any aggressive plants around.

How it works

The cooling method used in the underground fridge is based on a fundamental idea that has existed for many years. It is the most cutting-edge method of preserving food without requiring energy. It satisfies the requirements of individuals and organizations that live contemporary, self-sufficient lives and have their own wine cellar or vegetable garden. For eco-friendly people who want to reduce their carbon footprint and live a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle, the underground fridge is ideal.

The centuries-old cellar design has been used for a variety of things throughout history, including food storage and acting as safe haven in the event of major disasters. The underground fridge expands on the cellar idea by integrating contemporary refrigeration for fresh food.

How to hide the fridge

The ability to conceal subterranean refrigerators with a potted plant, a stone, or another garden accent is a major benefit. Simply placing the decoration on the lid is enough to block out the item’s appearance. You can even surround the hole with stones, floor tiles, or wood to aesthetically blend the refrigerator into your yard.


Are animals attracted to the underground fridge?

Food left in the refrigerator alone might draw a wide range of animals. Perishable food and food that absorbs strong odors should be well-packed to prevent animals from it.  For this use, airtight jars, bowls, and bags are excellent.

Does the fridge need to be covered?

It can be essential to line the fridge hole with wire fencing or moisture-resistant wood depending on the soil’s properties. Particularly in soils that are crumbly or move a lot, you should patch the hole. The additional paneling prevents the location of the subsurface refrigerator from abruptly shifting.

New innovation

Floris Schoonderbeek, a designer from the Netherlands has created the spherical Ground Fridge. This refrigerator in the form of a cellar keeps food cold without needing energy. It keeps the temperature low enough to preserve the food using the steady earth’s temperature and cool groundwater. All year long, it stays at a consistent 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. Fruit, vegetables, wine, and cheese are all best stored in this manner.

This refrigerator under the earth is a basement product. Strong and incredibly light materials were utilized in the creation. This makes the Ground refrigerator portable. It makes use of the ground’s insulating qualities and the cooling qualities of the groundwater.

This underground refrigerator has 20 times greater volume than a standard refrigerator. This makes it an appropriate option for anyone who wants to lead a contemporary, self-sustainable lifestyle or has a personal vegetable garden.

An integrated stairway leads to the circular base of this underground refrigerator, which has a slightly phallic appearance. The base is surrounded by wooden shelves. In order to make room for the Ground fridge, it is covered with soil. Therefore, there is no soil waste. There is a doorway and an angled staircase leading to the refrigerator.


By incorporating refrigeration capabilities at the same time, the underground fridge advances the conventional design. It employs a straightforward technique to benefit from the reduced evening temperatures by exploiting the ground’s inherent ability to insulate. You have the ability to year-round store fruits, vegetables, cheese, and wine thanks to this combination of balanced skills. We’re thinking more and more about the need for sustainability in a world where energy supplies are continually getting scarce. In order to balance mother nature, we spend our entire lives doing things like turning on lights at night and cooling ourselves off in the summer. This much energy is expensive and somewhat harmful to the environment.


Natural disasters are now largely unavoidable due to the recent changes the world has undergone and the resulting climatic challenges. This implies that we could suddenly lose power for a considerable amount of time. When that occurs, we won’t be able to rely on our home refrigerators to keep our food fresh. An underground refrigerator is also a smart idea in conjunction with this.