Must Have Items for Tiny Home Living

Tiny homes are becoming more popular because of low price points and convenient mobility. Today, you will be able to see a lot of tiny homes on TV shows and even on Instagram and sometimes these make you think about living in a tiny home yourself. With the rise of minimalistic living and on-the-move lifestyles, it’s not hard to see why tiny home living is becoming popular.

However, when you choose to live in a tiny home, keep in mind that there are other things to consider aside from the price, charm, and Instagram-worthiness of tiny homes. Most of the tiny houses are less than 400 square feet of space, meaning, owners should be particularly aware of space limitations. You will need to apply some creativity to fit appliances, storage, and furniture in a tiny home.

If you’re thinking of moving in a tiny home soon, it’s important to consider the size of the objects going inside the home. Aside from that, make sure to assess first your own needs before purchasing appliances so that the space in your tiny home will not go to waste. To help you out, here are some of the must-have items for tiny home living.

Tiny home

Composting Toilet

A toilet is probably the most important must-have when it comes to tiny home living. It’s because a lot of tiny homeowners are not able to park their homes in a location that offers full hookup service to a sewage connection, and many RV parks do not offer this service. Therefore, installing a composting toilet is a great idea. Composting toilets are usually waterless, easy-to-use, and environmentally-friendly.


Hooks will help you utilize the space in your tiny home since your floor space is very limited. Little hooks will enable you to hang things easily such as baskets, pictures, mugs, shoes, towels, and coats. Try to choose sturdy hooks to ensure that the things you will be hanging are safe and secured.

Portable Washing Machine

A washing machine is another priority when it comes to tiny home living. Portable washing machines, such as those hand crank ones are the best choice when living in a tiny home. It’s because it will enable you to save space, and the water from it can be reused to put out campfires. To dry your clothes, you can simply use a clothesline. This will definitely help you save time, water, space, and energy.

Folding Table

A folding table is also a better option for tiny homes compared to normal dining tables seen in typical homes. It’s because when it is not in use, you can fold it up and utilize the space for other things. Aside from that, you can easily move it in different parts of your home even outdoors.

Pull Out Couch

Majority of tiny homes do not have any room for a guest room or guest bed anywhere that’s why it’s a good idea to have an extra sleeping area in case a friend or family member crashes over. Investing in a pull out couch or futon is a great idea because it is comfortable enough to lounge into and small enough to fit your tiny home when folded both up and down.

Foldable Storage Ottoman

A foldable ottoman is storage and seating in one. You can place it in your tiny home’s living room as a seat for your guest and at the same time store different things in it. It is another useful space-saving furniture for your tiny home.

Tiny home


When you run out of room in your tiny home horizontally, then you have to start utilizing the vertical spaces in it. You can add shelves into every nook and cranny of your tiny home. You can install shelves along the walls, under the stairways, in the kitchen, and even above the toilet. Creativity is the key to be able to find ways on how to sneak shelving throughout your tiny home.

Stovetops and Ovens

If you love to cook and you plan to cook often in your tiny home, you can go for propane gas and a high-quality stovetop and an attached oven. But if you cook less often, it’s better to find a portable induction cooktop because this can be stored in a cabinet or under a counter when it’s not in use.

Compact Refrigerator

There are a lot of options for tiny homeowners when it comes to choosing refrigerators. The best fridge for you will depend on the size and design of your tiny home. Many tiny homes have a smaller fridge that can easily fit under the kitchen counter or in any corner of your small home. But there are also some who opt for larger or full-size refrigerators and built them into the wall or beneath the stairs.

Collapsible Dishes

You will also have a limited space to store your plates and kitchen utensils in your tiny home and having some collapsible dishes will help you in saving space. It can be a bowl where you can put chips or soup, and when collapsed, it can be a small bowl for noodles, cereals, or sauces. It saves you space because instead of storing multiple pieces of bowls, you will just be storing one.

Hanging Rack for Mugs and Wine Glasses

A hanging rack where you can store your mugs and wine glasses is another must-have because it can also save you a lot of space on your tiny home’s kitchen counter. Aside from that, it also looks good as a home or kitchen décor.

One of the best ways to maximize the space in your tiny home is by choosing space-saving furniture and appliances. And of course, weigh them in and decide if you really need them and if they will be useful in the long run. Remember that one of the reasons why people choose to live in tiny homes is because they want to live simple and save.

We hope the items we shared helped and gave you some ideas on what items you need to be able to live in a tiny home effectively.