What Are The Essentials Of Root Cellar Design?

This is what a root cellar looks like

Storage of food and other items is an essential thing to do when you are living off-grid or at any place that does not have proper storage facilities. In such cases, a root cellar would essentially help you in storing food. However, some people still fail to preserve their food even while … Read more

What are the Different Types of Tiny Homes?

a simple tiny home

Many people from all walks of life are being attracted by the pleasure of simple living. Today, there’s a wide variety of tiny home possibilities that can accommodate them. There has been an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes, which is called the tiny-house movement or the … Read more

Ways to Cook When Off-Grid

Many people are trying to live off-grid. It is exciting but at the same time, challenging. Living off-grid is like training for emergency and survival situations. If you want to live off-grid, one of the important things you need to learn is how to cook and to have a list of survival … Read more

Foraging: Getting Food from Mother Nature

Foraging is finding and harvesting wild foods for free, and some people call it gathering. It can involve hiking in the mountains and going to different places to find unique but edible plants, fruits, and other foods. Learning how to forage is also a great way to practice preparedness and survivalism when … Read more

Dehydrated Foods for Long-Term Storage

Food is one of the most important things that you should be prepared for in case a disaster takes place. Imagine that a certain disaster occurred, and you got stuck in a place where there’s no hospitals, no electricity, no food supply, and no help at all. During that situation, everything else … Read more