How to Improve Your Sense of Humour

Not many things can be compared to genuine laughter. No matter where you come from, life is enjoyable when laughter is habitual. It can’t be difficult to laugh frequently when a humourous person is nearby. Everyone can become humourous by simply taking some steps to develop a good sense of humour. The techniques for Improving one’s sense of humour aren’t difficult and we’ll mention some of them. experts prepared this list to help you out:

1. Regain Your Smile

Smile isn’t the same thing as laughter, but the two often go together. Ensure you smile every time at everyone. Genuine smiles from you will let others know that you aren’t depressed, angry or stressed. No one will notice any sense of humour within you if you don’t put a smiling face on.

2. Recall And Bring Out Humour from Some of Your Embarrassing Moments

Look into the past for some embarrassing moments. In each of those moments, try to find something humourous then tell them in stories. Describe them in a very funny manner. You can add little dramatization and some over statement to make your story interesting and funny. By using your embarrassing moments to tell stories, people will start watching out for other humorous aspects of your life and they’ll find more funny things about you by themselves.

3. Turn Annoying Occurrences to Humourous Scenes in Your Head

Of course you are free to get angry when you accidentally step in dog poop, burn your breakfast, or forget where you kept one of your valuables. Anger is the normal response to situations like that. However, you’ll realize that the anger can’t reserve anything. Instead, it sets you in a bad mood. It’s better to create humour out of annoying occurrences. A simple way to do that is by picturing the occurrence from the point of an onlooker. Just think of it as if it happened to someone else and act as if the outcome can’t affect you in any way. If you do this regularly, it will surprise you the number of times that you’ll end up laughing each day.

4. Respond to people’a offences with humour

When people do things that annoy you, instead of getting angry, you should respond with a humourous statement. For instance, if you are on a queue and someone who is just arriving joins the queue at your front, you can say ” well, the queue is moving from behind.” Life is too short for you to be angry at every little offence. However, if someone decides to be a constant thorn in your flesh, take things seriously and follow the appropriate steps to put an end to such offence. For occasional offences or one that you can’t reverse, use the humour approach.

5. Read The Comics Every Day

Comics are great for finding humours and for becoming more humorous. Reading comics is just like feeding yourself with what you intend to feed others with. At times, you can cut out some and paste them around the house.


When you have an improved sense of humour, you and the people that surround you will live a happy and healthy life.