How To Stay Happy While Living Off The Grid?

There was a time when living off the grid was just an idea. Today, it legal or illegal, it has become a reality and it is estimated that almost 180,000 families in the United States tend to be living off the grid. These families carry different reasons, mostly related to peace. But living off the grid is not easy as it seems. The lifestyle requires being self-sufficient and not everyone is cut out for that. Therefore, if you are planning to live off the grid happily, you will need a few tips. 

Staying Happy and Productive While Living Off the Grid

Freedom to explore

Since you are going to fend for yourself, you are free to try out new things and discover new ways of sustaining your lifestyle. Other than certain rules and regulations limiting your actions and lifestyle, you are free to do almost anything you want. 

People who have or are currently living off the grid state that they have observed significant changes in their personalities over the years. They have become polite, tolerant, and more considerate about their surroundings. As a result, they are mentally at peace. 

Choose the right location

Living off the grid does not mean that you choose a location where access to food, water, and shelter is difficult. Although many families tend to choose locations that are quite far away from the cities but it depends on the preferences. The closer you are to the city, the stringent the laws will be. In such cases, even if you are living off the grid, the relevant authorities will look after your actions and sometimes penalize you.

Therefore, the key to living happily off the grid involves choosing a location that is free of such troubles. You should opt for a location that has access to shelter, food, and water. Furthermore, you should also be near a hospital or a clinic if a serious injury were to occur. 

Follow a healthy diet

Follow a healthy diet

Living off the grid offers an excellent opportunity to go healthy. Since you are already fending for yourself, you have the golden opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle. This means organic and healthy food items for your everyday meals. Instead of munching on the city’s junk food, you can feed yourself and your family meals that are low in cholesterol, sugar, and fats, etc. 

Today, several studies agree to the fact that poor diets lead to poor mental health. This is not surprising in a world full of processed food with harmful ingredients. Researchers have also studied the relationship between sugar intake and depression and anxiety. It has been found that the intake of sugar directly affects these mental factors. Therefore, switching to living off the grid will not only boost your physical health but physiological and emotional health as well. 

Strengthening Self-Responsibility

Modern societies force people to become and remain dependent on established institutions. As a result, people find themselves working and earning their entire lives, which sometimes leads to depression and anxiety. They are bound by certain responsibilities and duties that affect their mental state. 

Being content with living off the grid party comes from being self-responsible as well. You get to be free from a dependent and an unfulfilling lifestyle. You have the ability to take the ultimate control of your life and be responsible for your happiness and survival. Living off the grid provides meaning to what you do. As a result, you feel content and worthy. Otherwise, a normal human being feels aimless in life having no purpose other than earning and feeding his family. 

Connecting with nature


There is something in nature that the man-made world cannot offer such as peace and tranquility. The Buddhists believe in a strong relationship between man and nature. They feel it is essential for the soul as well as the mental health of a human being. We live most of our lives amongst man-made things that offer a limited amount of satisfaction and peace. 

However, connecting with nature soothes our minds and soul. There is a reason we feel relaxed while we take a walk in the parks or simply lay down enjoying the sun. Living off the grid gives us plenty of time to attend to nature and anything that we do to make it better makes us feel good. Tending your surroundings each day allows you to clear your mind and focus instead of ignoring and burying your emotions. Connecting with nature gives you the perfect opportunity to work your negative emotions most productively and healthily possible. 

Clarity and Mental Peace

Modern life comes with all sorts of problems such as noise, air pollution, everyday expenses and crowds, etc. With time, these things take a toll on your mental health. And then there are relationships to maintain that also consume a huge amount of effort and time. In such a hectic environment, we barely find the time to tend to ourselves and seek mental clarity and peace. 

However, when you live off the grid, you always have the time to connect to yourself. You are not expected to be responsible for anyone’s happiness or step up to someone’s expectations. You have the chance to analyze yourself and your emotions while learning new skills and accomplishing something new each day.

Connect with other people


Although most families living off the grid tend to break their connection with the outside world including people, you do not have to do that. Living off the grid brings you closer to people who have adopted the same lifestyle. This allows you to share the peace with other families.

Furthermore, people living off the grid tend to form a strong bond with each other as compared to those living in cities. The reason being that they know they are out there for the same purpose and they also seek what you seek. Once you realize that you are not dependent on anyone and your connection with others does not come with expectations and a price, you are naturally bound to form a lifelong bond.

Final Word

Living off the grid happily comes through your actions and how you focus your attention and energy. Some people feel excited about living off the grid but not happy. This is because they do not have an idea of how to connect to themselves and their surroundings. In that respect, the tips mentioned above will help you prepare for living off the grid and discover ways to promote physical and mental growth.