Places to visit in Germany Off the Beaten Paths

Everywhere you go in the world, there are places you won’t visit if you don’t take time to search for them. That is because they are located off the beaten paths. They are often the most beautiful memories you will make during your trip. Here are some of these places that you should head to, once you are on German soil.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

If you have always dreamed of living in a fairy-tale city, then you must add Rothenburg ob der Tauber to your schedule, when you visit Germany. This city is filled with well-preserved landmarks, from gatehouses to towers, that will bring you right back to another time in history. The colours of the buildings will remind you of the small houses that you place under the Christmas tree. In fact, the best time to spend a day there is in winter time, when snow has covered houses and streets. Just know that you may be totally enchanted by the place and that you may decide to move there afterwards. If so, you will need the help of this UK to Germany Removals company. While you are in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, make sure to visit Munich, which is also located in Bavaria.

Obersee Lake

Germany’s lakes have nothing to envy to the ones you can find in Switzerland, which says a lot in itself. If your dream is to bathe in crystal-clear water, while being fully surrounded by mountains, you can make your wish come true at Obersee Lake, in the Alpine regions located in the South of Germany (Bavaria). Just don’t be surprised if you cross paths with a few nude bathers, as it is quite common in this country.


If you want to be awed by the beauty of men’s construction, you need to pass by Basteibrücke. This location means bastion bridge in English. It was built in 1851, nearby the Czech Republic border. It stands tall at 194 meters above the Elbe River. But what really differentiates it from other bridges is the fact that it melts with nature that surrounds it, including rock formation and trees, thanks to the fact that it is made of sandstone.

Wernigerode Castle

If castles are your thing, then you should not miss visiting Wernigerode Castle, which is definitely off the path. Although you won’t meet as many tourists there as you will in most famous ones like Neuschwanstein, you will still be blown away by the architectural style that is similar in many ways to those most visited in the region. Its origins date back to 1213, but the castle was rebuilt in a unique baroque style in 1710, to the fancy of Count Christian Ernst, which is how you will find it standing today.

Linderhof Palace

We could not end this article without adding to the list this incredible palace, which was the summer house of King Ludwig II. As with many palaces, the gardens offer some of the most beautiful views. The style is lavish baroque, and it was actually used by the king, before his mysterious death happened. But we will let you discover the story by yourself…