How to Help Your Child Make Friends

Making friends is supposed to come easily when we’re young. Sometimes, however, kids can find themselves alone and friendless.

A lack of friendships can harm your child’s social and emotional growth. Not to mention, it could be a sign of another underlying issue. If you want to help your child make new friends, here’s what you can do.

Talk to Your Child

Talk to your child to better understand what’s going on. As previously mentioned, a lack of friendships can be the cause of an underlying issue. Ask your child if they are motivated to reach out to other peers. If your child says no, then that’s a bit odd. A disinterest in socializing is sometimes a sign of autism or depression. If your child says yes, then it simply means that they have trouble making them.

Take Your Child to Therapy

Regardless of how the initial talk went, take your kid to a child therapist. They can further guide you on what do if your child is disinterested in talking to anyone. The therapist may direct you to a specialist that can assign medical test. These tests can measure your child’s hormones and chemicals to make sure everything is ok.

Get Involved with the Classroom

Get involved with your child’s classroom. Your child may be too shy to communicate with others if they don’t feel safe. If you’re there, they might have an easier time opening up. Get involved with classroom activities. Become a chaperone for events and let the teacher know you’re willing to help in any way you can.

Organize Play Dates

Organize some play dates for your child. If your child seems uncomfortable, don’t force any interactions. Keep inviting other kids over your house and if your child wants to ignore them, that’s okay. Your child may decide on his or her own that they want to talk to others.

If you’ve had zero luck with getting your child to socialize after months, you may need further guidance from the child’s therapist and general doctor.

Take Them to Kid-Friendly Places

Take your child places where there are sure to be other kids. Chuck E. Cheese is one such place. There, your child can start to open up as they meet new kids and plays with them. If your child really liked going, you can turn it into a routine.

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