How to Buy Water Bottle for Storing Water?

The need for water may increase during the summer season, and the shortage of water also sees an uptick. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves for this type of emergency by storing the water. 5 Gallon water bottle is essential for places with a limited supply of water. They are used in homes, offices, commercial kitchens and many other places without a proper supply of water. Undoubtedly, small water bottles are convenient for single person use, but if you want to store water for larger groups of people, 5-gallon water bottles are the perfect selection.

Nowadays, you can find many types of water bottles for storing water, but the most sustainable choices would be the one that is long, lasting, durable, easy to use and most importantly, easy to recyclable. Here is a list of some important factors that you must consider when buying a water bottle for storing water.

Material Used in Bottle

Since the water bottles are also used to store beverages for several hours, they should not just be able to store the water but also protect you from chemicals that are very harmful to your health. Nowadays, bottles are made from four famous materials that are plastic, stainless steel, glass and aluminum, but you have to choose one that has no BPA or Biphenyl-A.

You can find this material in low quality plastic bottles. BPA is a very harmful substance that can strain into your water, and as a result, you have to survive many dangerous diseases. Moreover, it is also good to choose a material that should be able to withstand impacts, especially if you bring it with you to outdoor venues.

Capacity to Store Water

Considering the capacity is another important thing before buying water bottles for water storage. However, it completely depends on the family members or several people using water for all their daily requirements like cooking, washing clothes or utensils, drinking and cleaning. While if you have a small family, then a small water bottle can fulfil your daily water requirements, but if you have 6 to 8 members in your family, then a 5 Gallon water bottle is suitable for your family’s needs.


Before buying a water bottle for storing water, think about its long term effects on the environment. According to most of the research, it is proven that plastic needs thousands of millions of years to decompose. Therefore, it is not to save to choose plastic bottles for storing water. On the reverse side, glass, aluminum and stainless steel are 100% recyclable materials, perfect for storing water.

It won’t take even a hundred years before you can recycle them. However, the production cost of aluminum and stainless steel water bottles may be high, but they two are the most sustainable and eco-friendly types of bottles. Another great benefit of using water bottles made from these two materials is that they last longer than as compared to glass and plastic. This advantage also gives you a chance to save your money because you won’t need to buy again after one or two years.

Insulation Feature

Nowadays, you can easily find bottles that provide insulation and vacuum sealing. This great feature allows your water to stay cold or hot for several hours. Glass and aluminum water bottles can hold both hot and cold water. However, they don’t have a vacuum seal and insulation feature. Therefore, they can’t maintain the temperature for a long time. Low-quality water bottles can’t be able to maintain their shape when you put hot water inside them, but water bottles made from stainless steel can hold both temperatures. It can keep your water cold for up to 12 hours and keep it hot for almost 8 hours.


Above, we mention some of the most important tips you need to consider before buying bottles to store water. The 5 Gallon water bottle is a good choice for storing water if you have a family of 6 to 8 persons and more. It is essential to keep all the important things in mind so you can choose the best for your needs.