Free meals for children at school: Government announces an income Threshold

Children are the assets of any country and it is very important to protect them and flourish them. But at times it becomes difficult for the parents to support their children through schools. It is when the government must intervene to protect the future of their country. A similar approach is being used by the UK government we have announced the £7400 income threshold to provide free meals to the students. Some families are unable to afford school meals and the government intervention is going to provide them with it. This entitlement will be given under the Universal Credit benefit system being imposed in the UK.

The United States of America can take a page or two out of this system and implement them in their own country. The benefits of this system can be replicated in any country if it is being imposed properly. The decision of an income threshold means that the government has imposed a system that will monitor the family income as well. This will have two-fold benefits as the government can track the average income of households. And they can also look at the future of their children as a result of this system. This is the reason that the US must consider this system to be imposed in their country.

It is believed that by the end of the year 2022, 50,000 more children will be benefiting from this system. The children who are already receiving these grants from the government will be protected. And the government will make sure that they are targeting more children in the future as well. It is very important to note that the disadvantaged young people must be protected by the government as their children. In this way, every person in the UK will be open to similar opportunities in the future. And this is the essence of imposing this system as the young generation will be able to compete in a positive and healthy environment.

If a family is unable to earn more than £7400 and without possible credit, it becomes difficult for them to support their children through school. Therefore, the government has taken the task into its own hands and will be imposing this system for the benefit of these children. It will lessen the burden on the families as they will know that their children are getting a quality education. And on the other hand, they are also satisfied that their children are not on empty stomach throughout the day. This policy will be protecting every child in the UK whose family cannot support them for education and provision of a good meal.

While the nation is heavily affected by the health crisis, the restriction measures have severely affected families. Currently, England is strictly confined and schoolchildren are forced to stay at home. In addition to having to look after their children, disadvantaged families face another concern: feeding them.

Families with children at home to feed are struggling in a financial crisis when pandemic as taken their jobs and they have got nowhere to earn money or possible credit. This is why the government has increased the efforts to feed the neediest and those are the youngest of the family. The children in each needy household would benefit from the packaged food provided by the government. In this time of the pandemic, the free meal for children is like investing in the better and healthy future of the nation. While critics of the government say there can be no better way to avoid hunger than simply to feed children. Many believe that the issue of starving children has become the latest political debate. Overall, we all have to acknowledge that there is a problem. There is a problem with hungry children in this country and there is a problem with children in poverty.

Children are sensitive by nature and therefore, must be taken care of. It is the responsibility of the parents but at times they are forced by their income. This is the reason that the children remain malnourished, and this impacts their mental health as well. Imagine your child in a situation where all other children are having their meal in the school while he is sitting empty stomach. This sort of alarming situation is to be avoided so that the mental capabilities of the children must not be disturbed.

Under this program, the children will be protected more in their early years as it is a time of struggle for many low-income families. With time the family starts earning more but they still must manage their new household as well. It is when these families look towards the government to help them get through their situation. The idea behind imposing their system is like protecting the children in their early years so that they can become an asset to the country. If the children are given due attention in the early years, they will develop their mental capacity and will help the country in the future.

The government will not be only taking the responsibility for the early years but it will continue till the end of education. This will, however, will be subjected to the family’s income which is believed to be increased in the future. In this way, the government can pull the plug and make sure that the deserving families are given priority. The children who have already started their two-year-old early education will not be exempted from this new proposal. However, the government wants to make sure that deserving families are prioritized. And this can only be done if there is a threshold for the average income for making this important decision for the lives of the children.