Best Alternatives to Toilet Paper

Whenever a natural calamity, an epidemic, or a pandemic strike, people tend to worry about the shortage of certain things, including food and toiletries. Among the basic necessities, one of the most common items that people buy in supermarkets and stores, whether on a regular basis or during emergencies, is the toilet paper. In fact, lots of people tend to hoard toilet paper when there’s an emergency along with other necessities like water and food, leaving nothing for others.

If ever you experience running out of toilet paper, and you can no longer find any in stores or even online, what do you think can you use instead? Well, it’s indeed one of the worst feelings when you have to do a number two, and there’s no toilet paper to be found. Instead of panicking and worrying, there are many other options that you can use in replacement of the toilet paper.

If you are thinking ahead on what other options you have in case there will no longer be any toilet paper to be produced, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to give you some of the best alternatives to toilet paper that you can opt for.



Well, this is probably the most obvious alternative to toilet paper and the first thing that you might look for when you find yourself in an encompassing bathroom situation. Therefore, if there’s no toilet paper to be found, you can use another kind of paper. It can be paper towels, newspapers, printer paper, notebook paper, envelopes, and more. Try to look around and see what you can find. However, there are types of paper which are more abrasive than others. If this is the case, you can wet them first before using them to prevent paper cuts.

Bidets and Shower Toilets


Bidets and shower toilets are some of the best toilet paper alternatives you can use. A bidet is a French invention that can wash your private parts in the toilet. It means that you will no longer need to use toilet paper, and you can just towel yourself dry after using it.

Aside from bidets, another option, which is a fancier version, is the shower toilet. It is a special toilet that has an extendable arm that comes out at the touch of a button. This will squirt you with a jet of warm and clean water. There are other models that come with remote controls, while others feature a blast of warm air to dry you off after washing. You can also buy an attachment electric bidet that you can add to your toilet bowl.


These can be expensive options, but they will surely keep you clean. Plus, they can also help you save money in the long run, instead of buying disposable toilet paper.



Back in the ancient times, did you know that ancient Romans, particularly the royals, used a sponge on a stick to clean their butts? It was specifically a shared sponge on a stick that was reused. However, in the present time, it’s not very hygienic to share or even reuse a bum sponge. But if ever you will be in a situation where there is no toilet paper, but you have a clean sponge around, then you can grab and use it, too. Just make sure that you throw it away after using it.

Reusable Fabric Wipes


Another great toilet paper alternative is a reusable fabric wipe. Most reusable and washable fabric wipes are used for babies. But if you are really in need of some wipes and there’s no toilet paper around, then you can also use some of the reusable and washable baby fabric wipes if you have some at home. What’s great is that you can wash them after use, and keep them in case of emergency or if you run out of toilet paper again. There are also some reusable unpaper towels you can find online that can also be washed after use.

Cloth Rags


People who are eco-friendly do not usually use toilet paper. What most of them use are cloth rags to wipe themselves when using the toilet. Then after using, they wash the cloth so they can continually reuse them. Therefore, if you have old clothes or towels at home, you can use them as toilet paper alternatives, as well. You can just simply cut them into suitable sizes to make them more convenient to use.

Sanitary Napkin


If you run out of toilet paper, one of the best things you can use as an alternative is a sanitary napkin. If you are desperate for a wipe, you can ask some of the ladies in your family, or your lady friends if you’re outside if they have an extra pad. When using a sanitary napkin, all you need to do is take off the wrapping and use it as a toilet paper. You will be surprised to find that it is just like a much thicker sheet of toilet paper. There are also sanitary napkins that are soft and cottony. Therefore, it’s time to stop the taboo fixed onto menstruation and menstrual items, as they can be useful for other purposes, as well.



It might be surprising to see that rock is part of our toilet alternatives list, but it can work. Well, you need to find a smooth and flat rock that is not sharp. You can do the “scrape method” using a rock, which was a very popular method back in ancient times. You can stir the rock in the water to eliminate excess debris before scraping again. Just make sure that the rock you will be using has been cleaned.

Plant or Tree Leaves


If you are in a wilderness, camping, hiking, or none of the other options are available, then another toilet paper alternative you can opt for are plant leaves. It is considered to be nature’s toilet paper, so why not put it in good use. Some of the best leaves you can use are maple leaves, mullein leaves, cottonwood leaves, large-leaved aster, hazelnut leaves, banana leaves, and thimbleberry leaves. Just make sure that they are cleaned first, and they do not have thorns.

Cotton Balls or Wipes


When you ran out of toilet paper, you can also check your first aid kit or a lady’s beauty bag for some cotton balls or wipes. Aside from using them on wounds or for removing makeup, cotton balls and wipes are also useful in the toilet when you need to wipe. They are also thick enough to prevent your hands from getting dirty in the process.

The Lota


The Lota is a toilet wash jug that is used in Asian and Muslim-majority countries like Pakistan and Indonesia. It has an elegant handle and spout, making it look similar to a teapot. It is traditionally made from polished brass or copper. But today, you can find some that are made of plastic. It can be used while seated or squatting. It is held pointing towards your rear to clean your private parts as the water is poured from its spout.

The Tabo or Dipper


Another alternative for toilet paper that you can use is the tabo or dipper. In the Philippines, instead of using toilet paper all the time, people use a dipper to wash themselves in the toilet. It has a handle and a bucket of water that you can pour over your bottom till it is clean. You can also use some soap along with using a dipper filled with water.

Traditionally, they are made of coconut or bamboo. But today, they are usually made out of plastic, and they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

These are some of the best alternatives to toilet paper that we can recommend. The next time you’ll be needing a toilet paper, and there’s none, you no longer have to panic because you now know plenty of alternatives that you can use. All the items on our list are very useful, whether you are in a desperate situation or simply planning ahead, in case there will no longer be toilet paper in the future.