7 ways to make money living off-grid

Different people would define living off-grid differently. In most cases, it depends on the person’s interpretation but often involves living without relying on public utilities. The level of autonomy or independence depends on the individual/family. There are so many advantages of living off-grid, but that is a topic for another day. This article will highlight some of the ways you can live off-grid and still make some money.

1. Sell fruits and vegetables

Living off-grid often means that you are located significant distances away from malls and shops. For that reason, it is common practice for families living off-grid to grow their own fruits and vegetables. If you can manage to grow more food than is enough for your sustenance, you can decide to sell the excess produce for some extra income. For example, you can sell your produce at food markets or even to nearby hotels, restaurants, or eateries.

2. Rent out cabins

If you have enough room in your land, you can build cabins that people can rent out. Nature lovers, vacationers, and outdoors people could pay you to sleep in your cabins temporarily. They get to experience living off-grid temporarily without fully committing to it. Additionally, you can ask about any regulations necessary and consider building a campsite which could be a great tourist attraction and serve the same purpose.

3. Sell a course on off-grid living

If you have been living off-grid successfully for some time, you can choose to package your knowledge and sell it to others interested in the same thing. You can teach different topics such as:

  1. How to grow your products organically.
  2. How to survive living a primitive lifestyle.
  3. How to build using natural tools and resources.
  4. Introduction to permaculture.

It can be hard to transition from needing public utilities to using none or few, and you can therefore make money teaching people how they can do the same. Live classes with demonstrations and practical examples would be beneficial to your students.

4. Make money online

It is quite possible to live off-grid and have internet access. With a generator (or three) and a connection to satellite internet, you can live off-grid and still be able to connect to the internet. As you know, there are many ways to make money on the internet. Examples of things you can do to make money online include;

  1. Leveraging your talents to make money. – For example, a writer can freelance or keep a blog, a web designer can design websites, and a programmer can create applications from wherever they are.
  2. Leverage your hobbies and skills – Some people leverage their hobbies and skills to make money. For example, if you are very good at poker, you can play online poker and make some money in online casinos, and if you are skilled in anything artistic, you can teach it online.
  3. Create and sell books and guides online – The great thing is you do not have to make books and guides about living off-grid if you don’t want to. Just create a good online resource that people would buy from you and put it up for sale.

5. Rent out your grounds for events

Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or even a graduation party, you can offer to rent out your grounds or specific buildings on your land for events if you have the room. This will appeal to people who want to hold their events in unique and natural environments outside the hustle and bustle of metropolitan or town life. You can create buildings that can be used for indoor events and design picturesque outdoor sections for outdoor events to serve people with different events and needs.

6. Make and sell artwork

Do you know how to draw, paint, stitch, knit, or do anything artistic? Can you find someone that would be willing to buy what you can make? Making and selling art is a great way to make money when living off-grid. This is especially true if your artwork is not perishable, as you can create it in bulk then sell it later. One good way to market your products is to make them using natural materials. For example, you can make soaps using raw and natural ingredients you have around you.

7. Dropshipping

While dropshipping requires an internet connection, the internet is simply communication and marketing too. Otherwise, your wholesaler is responsible for producing, storing, and shipping the product to the clients. There are many pros and cons of dropshipping, but it is a great business model for people living off-grid for two main reasons.

  1. You are not responsible for production – Dropshipping is excellent for people living off-grid because they do not have to worry about manufacturing any products. Once they identify a viable product, they can simply market this product and let the manufacturer deal with production.
  2. You do not need to keep any inventory. – The wholesaler often has the inventory, and when a client orders from you, you simply forward their shipping details to them, and they take care of everything else. This saves you all the trouble of coordinating how the products get to the clients.


For many people, the idea of living off-grid sounds lucrative in theory but impractical in practice. If you have managed to live off-grid or are thinking about it, don’t let the challenges deter you. With this list and more like it online, you can settle on one or more ways that will help you make some money even as you make (or plan on making) this lifestyle a reality.