7 types of Axes you should know about!

Axes are one of the most versatile tools, which have been used since prehistoric times (over 1.5 million years ago). Their significance lies in their effectiveness, as they can be used for a variety of purposes such as cutting, shaping of the wood, and even as a weapon.

However, as axes serve multiple purposes, today a diverse range of axes are available in the market, with each having their distinct sizes and shapes, and different types of heads.

If you are in search of a perfect axe, it necessary for you to first comprehend its types. By identifying the right types, you will be able to choose the perfect axes for yourself, which will meet your particular purpose of buying them. Hence, to assist you in this regard, here we have mentioned the most prominent types of axes. So, don’t forget to scroll down!

Felling Axe

Felling axe is one of the most commonly used axes and is used to chop down trees and branches. They are usually referred to as camp axes, as its thin sharp blade, and the long handle provides a powerful swing, makes it a perfect partner in camping trips. The head of the axe weighs around two pounds, while the handle is about 2 feet, providing optimal stability to the user. Luckily, these felling axes are designed for the ultimate convenience of the people. Therefore, even if you don’t have sound technique, a Felling Axe will still work for you!

Carpenter’s axe

As the name suggests, a carpenter’s axe is specifically designed for carpentry purposes; thus, it’s used in traditional joinery and log-building. It’s a one-handed axe with a flat, narrow blade, making it an ideal tool for woodworks. Not just that, the axe is also equipped with a finger notch and pronounced beard, which provides the ultimate grip for accurate cutting. Usually, carpenters axe also have a groove which allows pulling out the nails. Therefore, if you only need an axe for working on a hewing or woodwork projects, a carpenter’s axe is exactly what you need!

Splitting Maul

A maul is a tool specifically designed for splitting wood; therefore, it has a broader head than usual axes. Of course, you won’t be chopping down the entire tree with a maul; but with its wide cheeks and edge, you will definitely be able to split even the largest rounds of wood. Mauls usually weigh 7 to 10 lbs., and are slightly heavier than axes; however, this added weight helps in precise splitting. Therefore, with a splitting maul, you can even slice the toughest wood such as oak, beech, or ash.


Well, Tomahawk may not be as popular in this era, but still many people make efficient use out of it. Originally Tomahawk was used as weapons in wars by Native Americans. Today they are primarily used in shows and for competitions, and most purchases are for enjoyment purposes. Tomahawk offers incredible precision when it’s thrown and is even lighter than hatchets. They are often used in camping trips and bush craft activities.


Hatchets are ideal axes for those who make rough cuts in small logs or chop branches once in a while. They are relatively small in size and designed in a way that makes it perfect for one-handed use. The heads of the hatchets weigh hardly 1 pound, while the handle is approximately a foot long. Their lightweight and compact design allow them to be conveniently carried during hiking or camping trips.

The Double Bit Axe

Although nowadays, double-bit axes are rarely used by sub-urban, it’s still widely used at throwing competitions. Unlike other axes, a Double Bit Axe has a dual blade, on both sides of the head; hence are used primarily by professional lumberjacks. They are challenging to use, as it requires sound swinging technique, therefore it isn’t recommended for the general public. A crucial aspect to comprehend here is that both the heads are designed for distinctive purposes. While one head may be ultra-sharp for cutting and chopping purposes, another one may be a bit dull to appropriately split the wood.

Fireman’s Axe

Professionally one of the most significant axes used is fireman’s axe, which is used regularly by firemen around the world. They are a handy tool and are helpful in breaking windows and doors, to rescue people in emergencies. Similar to the traditional blades, a fireman axe also has a sharp-edged blade, is decorated in bright colors for easy identification. They are built to be durable and incredibly powerful.


Every axe aims to serve a specific purpose and must be chosen accordingly. Unfortunately, the majority of the people are unaware of these types, and consequently, chooses a wrong axe for themselves. If you well-comprehended the above-mentioned types, you will hopefully be able to pick the perfect one conveniently.