18 Tiny Dream Homes with Prices, Plans, and Where to Buy

Several days ago we showed you how you can buy or build a tiny home for under $20,000. Today we’d like to show you even more awesome tiny homes that are at or under 300 square feet. Why so much to do about tiny houses? The tiny house movement isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As noted in previous articles, more and more people are ditching their large homes in favor of a smaller footprint, smaller (or no) mortgage payments, and more freedom to travel or live a life free of financial burdens of owning a large home.

Let’s take a look at these truly awesome tiny homes that hopefully will inspire you to think smaller.

1) The Hermit House



2) Tiny Heirloom House



3) Sweet Pea Tiny House (with Plans)



4) The Gifford



5) Boulder Tiny House



6) The Mini House



7) The Leaf House

  • Website: http://tinyhousing.ca/
  • Price: ~$40,000



8) The Collingwood Tiny House



9) Cypress Tiny House


10) Kaya Tiny House w/Plans

11) Tiny House Project Home

12) The CinderBox Dwelling


13) The Bunkie



14) Tiny Texas Houses



15) The Leaf house

  • Website:http://www.tinyhousing.ca/leaf-house-small-space-design-build/plans/
  • Price: $40,000



16) The Linden House



17) Portland Alternative Dwellings Sweatpea



And last but not least… If you have the funds to really go all out on buying or building a tiny home, then the Wheelhaus Wedge tiny house might be the model for you! Check it out below.

18) Wheelhaus Wedge Tiny Home



Pricing for tiny home plans typically will cost you anywhere from $80 to $500, depending on the size and number of customizations. Once you factor in the land (if you have to purchase land to place your tiny home) and other basics, you’ll then be able to factor in “real costs” to complete your tiny home. Other things to consider, like if you will have Internet, how your water will be set up, solar or electric, or even how your foundation is or will be set up, will all effect your total or monthly costs of building and living in your tiny home.

Let us know below which of the above tiny homes, or maybe one we didn’t mention, is your favorite!