4 Ways to Give Back to Mother Nature

Mother Nature provides us with food, air, and water – all that humans need to survive. However, it seems that many have forgotten to give back to the planet and ensure that these resources remain plentiful. Let’s look at four ways you can give back to the Earth.

Eat Less Meat

Many people are surprised to learn the difference cutting some of the meat from their diet makes. Presently, more than one third of the Earth’s surface is dedicated to cattle and livestock farming. These animals produce a large amount of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

Lessening the amount of meat you eat, even if it is simply making one or two days a week meatless, can greatly reduce the stress the environment is placed under. Consider finding new vegetables and recipes, replacing meat-heavy meals with eco-friendly options.


It seems like everyone wants their own vehicle so that they can be free to roam the planet to their heart’s desire. While this sounds nice in theory, driving everywhere on your own contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and means you’ll be spending more time at the pump than you would when carpooling.

Carpooling reduces your carbon footprint and allows you to get to where you need to go without putting addition stress on the environment. There are ride sharing services available that make it easy to get to your destination without driving your own vehicle; riding with friends or coworkers is also an option for individuals that are constantly on the move.

Lower the Brightness

It may seem hard to believe, but you can make your life much greener by simply reducing the brightness of your electronics. It’s common for individuals to have multiple devices, which can suck energy and lead to lower battery lives.

Dimming your brightness reduces power use, so you use less energy to keep your devices up and running.

Reuse items

When you’re done using an item, what is the first thing you often do? Head for the trash can. This, however, is a practice that we should try to lessen. Instead, we should focus on reusing items in order to give back to Mother Nature and reduce our harmful impact on the planet. Glass jars, containers, and other items can be used several times for many different purposes.

One great example of reusing items is the plastic shopping bag. In many homes, plastic bags are kept so that they can be used as trash bags, doggy bags, storage for weekend visitors, and more. Reusing these bags instead of throwing them away after grocery shopping repurposes the plastic and allows you to get more use out of them before heading to the recycling bin. Now, you can head to places like CustomEarthPromos.com to find reusable eco-friendly tote bags, skipping plastic entirely.

Giving back to the environment goes beyond making sure your items make it to the recycle bin – it is about actively taking steps to live a greener lifestyle. By eating less meat, carpooling, reusing items, and turning the brightness down on electronics, you can save a ton of energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and give back to the planet one day at a time.