The Best Survival Crossbows For Preppers

Crossbow technology has been on a tear over the last ten years. Many states are making crossbow hunting legal, and many archery hunters are adding crossbows to their arsenals to take advantage of the increased hunting opportunities.

Some of the newest crossbow models are accurate out to 100 yards with blistering fast arrow speeds. These high-tech crossbows feature all the bells and whistles that latest technology has to offer.

But hi-tech does not necessarily mean high durability. When shopping for a survival crossbow, it may be best to pass on the fancy models and stick to the basics.
Sure, compound crossbows are powerful. But they are also loaded with parts and moving pieces that can wear out and break.

A survival crossbow needs to be powerful and accurate enough for hunting and self defense and also be dependable and easy to repair and re-string.
Have you ever tried to restring a compound crossbow without a bow press? Good luck. It’s not going to happen.Simple recurve designs can be easily repaired if a string breaks or a limb snaps.  Compound crossbows are rendered all but useless if serious issues arise.  Many crossbow reviews from crossbow and archery hunting websites fail to point this out.
In survival situations, speed and accuracy are not on top of the list.  Going with a slower shooting recurve crossbow design can be a much wiser option.

Recurve Style Survival Crossbows Offer The Following Advantages

  • Increased accuracy: The design of recurve crossbows bows allows for a longer draw length, which results in a more powerful shot and increased accuracy.
  • Greater versatility: Recurve crossbows bows can be used for a variety of hunting and target shooting applications, making them a versatile option for archers of all skill levels.
  • Easier to learn: Recurve crossbows bows are generally considered to be easier to learn and shoot than heavier and more robust compound crossbows.
  • Lightweight and compact: Recurve bows are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and transport.
  • Cost-effective: Recurve bows are generally less expensive than other types of crossbows, making them a cost-effective option for both novice and experienced archers.
  • Dependability: Recurve crossbows have fewer moving parts, fewer fasteners to vibrate loose, no cams or cables to worry about and offer a much easier to repair and primitive design.

Sure, hi-tech crossbows are amazing and fun to shoot. But when considering options for survival -crossbows, going with the more basic recurve designs can be a much wiser choice.  Re-curve crossbow designs are plenty powerful to take down almost any game animal with ease.  Combined with the fact that the recurve design offers fewer moving parts and are much easier to repair than compound crossbows, it’s obvious why recurves are the best choice.

Recurve crossbows are also a lot less expensive than compound models.  Two decent quality recurve crossbows can be purchased for the price of one high end compound model. This makes them much more affordable and easier to fit into your prepping budget as well!