What is a Survivalist?

A survivalist is a person who is actively preparing for a catastrophic event or disaster, such as natural disasters, societal collapse, economic collapse, or even war. Survivalists often stockpile food, water, and other necessary supplies, and they may also have specialized skills and equipment to survive in the wilderness or in other challenging environments.

They may also study tactics for self-defense and ways to protect themselves and their families in dangerous situations. Some survivalists may choose to live off the grid or in remote areas to minimize their reliance on modern infrastructure and technology. The motivations for becoming a survivalist can vary, but often include a desire to be self-sufficient and to be prepared for unexpected emergencies.

Were Ninjas Survivalists?

In some ways, ninjas could be considered the survivalists of feudal Japan. Ninjas were highly trained in a variety of skills, such as stealth, sabotage, espionage, and survival in harsh environments. They were often employed as mercenaries or spies by feudal lords or other powerful figures, and their ability to operate covertly and blend in with their surroundings was highly valued.

Ninjas were also known for their ability to improvise and adapt to changing circumstances, which is an important trait of survivalists. They were trained to use their surroundings to their advantage and to be resourceful in finding food, shelter, and other necessities. They were also skilled in self-defense and could fight with a variety of weapons or even with their bare hands if necessary.

However, it’s important to note that not all ninjas were survivalists, and not all survivalists are ninjas. While there are similarities in their skill sets and abilities, the motivations and contexts of their actions were often quite different. Ninjas were primarily focused on serving their feudal lords or other clients, while survivalists today tend to be more self-sufficient and focused on preparing for emergencies or disasters.

What Tools Did Ninjas Use

Ninjas were known for using a variety of specialized tools and weapons to carry out their missions. Some of the most common tools and weapons used by ninjas include:


These were small, sharp throwing stars that could be used for both attacking and distracting opponents.


These were long, pointed daggers that could be used for stabbing or throwing.


This was a weapon consisting of a chain with a weighted end, attached to a sickle or other bladed weapon. It could be used for both attacking and entangling opponents.

Bo staff

The bo staff is a long wooden stick that can be used for striking, blocking, and other defensive and offensive maneuvers.


Ninjas were known for using blowguns to shoot small darts or other projectiles at their enemies.


Depending on the mission and need, ninjas would utilize different swords. Many carried the well known Katana as well as the straight bladed Ninjato.

In addition to weapons, ninjas also used a variety of specialized tools. We’ve listed a few of them below.

  1. Grappling hooks: These could be used to climb walls or other obstacles.
  2. Smoke bombs: These could be used to create a diversion or to escape from a sticky situation.
  3. Caltrops: These are small, sharp metal spikes that could be scattered on the ground to impede pursuers.
  4. Ninja stars: These were larger throwing stars with more points than the shuriken, which were used for longer-range attacks.
  5. Camouflage: Ninjas were known for using specialized clothing and makeup to blend in with their surroundings and remain unnoticed.

Overall, ninjas were highly skilled and resourceful fighters who used a wide range of tools and weapons to carry out their missions.