Skills of the Future – Working in a Post SHTF World

Understanding the fundamentals of life and having a broad range of knowledge will be essential if the modern world collapses. In a post-SHTF world, there are several skills that will instantly become valuable.

It would be wise to begin learning a few of these skills as you will be in the best position to re-build our fallen world. Below are a few of the various skill-sets that will become incredibly useful in a post-modern world. Do you want to know what Dan’s Plumbing services are like? Please check our site.

1. Construction

Of course, if we are going to rebuild our world, we will need people that understand construction. All trades will become useful such as plumbing, electrical, bricklaying, carpentry, welding. As well, architects and engineers will become a valuable asset in the post-apocalyptic world.

2. Health and Medicine

As you can imagine, there will be sickness, injuries and disease in this new world. As such, there will be a heavy responsibility for nurses, medical doctors, surgeons and EMTs but people who know basic health skills such as first aid and minor surgeries will be valuable. Dentists also will become a much sought after position.

3. Plumbing

Even if the world is about to end, sanitation will remain an essential need for human beings and hence plumbers will be in high demand. So wherever you are, if you know how to mend, install and fit pipes, tanks and other tools, you will be highly demanded.

4. Hunter/Gatherers

The world is full of edible treasures; from fruits to veggies, berries, plants and fungi. There are endless possible options available; some explored while many yet require attention. In any given situation, we need to eat so there has to be someone skilled enough to find the right food at the right place. And if you are a hunter, trapper, fisherman or a farmer, you will be the hero.

5. Security

In a world of scarcity, there is bound to be violence. Having combat knowledge and security training will be essential for protecting you and your family.

6. Vehicle Maintenance

In a state of survival, transportation and commutation will be most needed but having workshops around, open and accessible isn’t something you would find so normal. It is wise and very crucial for one to know how to operate, fix and maintain basic vehicles and machinery.

7. Electronics

No matter how hard we try, we aren’t getting away with gadgets. People would still need to use basic electronic appliances that require life to move on and learning smoldering, repairing and wiring will be a helpful addition to your portfolio.  

8. Electric

Next to electronic comes electric skills and knowledge. In case there is a power failure, you would certainly need alternative sources of energy to produce electricity. So be it solar, generator or wind electricity, if you know how to use it, you will be highly paid and regarded.

9.Tailors and Drapery

In the toughest times, buying new clothes is not an option, therefore you gotta reuse what you have and those who can repair and replace rips, zips and buttons will be the ones required around.

10. Fishing

Even if you can’t do stressful physical jobs but know the art of catching fish, you are totally worth it.

11. Wood working

A bit of carpentry and wood working with basic wood and tools to mend a chair, door or build a storage box will help you be in ease and make you more useful than you can imagine.

12. Crop harvesting

One of the forgotten skills, crop growing and farming will become a value addition for those who have mastery in it. In times of survival, you can not only grow crops for yourself but also trade them for other necessary items.

13. Canning

You don’t know harvesting but if you know canning, here is a chance you will be needed as equally as any farmer or hunter. There will be people who know how to hunt food but will lack the expertise and knowledge on how to store food for long, bearing in mind the temperature, weather and other conditions.

14. Soap and detergent making

A rare art to think of, but when the world comes to an end, trust me, you wouldn’t find any shampoos, bubble baths and scrubs around. The art will be in making soaps and detergents at home, with resources available at home or taken from the mother earth.

15. Teaching

Teaching is one of the key skills you would require to rebuild the generation, if when a civilization falls apart. Here teaching may not be a professional degree or accreditation but some basic skills to continue the learning process will give you an edge over others.

16. Live stocking

Just like farming and fishing, live stocking is also a skill that requires time, effort and expertise. Animals that give meat, milk, eggs and other essentials to us in the times of survival must be kept well and fed well and if you know a bit of live stocking, you will be of great help to both, humans and animals.

17. Ammunition and Gunsmithing

Although both ammunition and Gunsmithing are rare skills, they will be highly needed post SHTF. Be it self-defence, protection or simply fighting for your rights, guns and weapons both must be used wisely and most appropriately.

18. Candle making

Candles have become a rare decorative item in this era but post SHTF; time will make it a necessity. We already know the importance of electricity and alternate sources of energy, but candle makers will become great traders and be of help to many in the neighborhood for this easy-to-learn skill.


Additionally, a few other random skills you should practice now include sewing, orienteering, gardening and of course wilderness survival. Learn a few of these skills and you will greatly increase your chances of survival in the future.