Natural resources that will run out in future and we need to conserve

With the way the Earth’s population is moving close to 8 billion and the rate of exploitation of natural resources, experts predict that it is likely some resources run out. Those which do not may become scarcer and this will affect the standard of living of everyone. As such, we should know the natural resources that we need to maximize and conserve to continue to enjoy it for long. Here is it:


Even though two-thirds of the earth is covered with water, most of this water is not safe for consumption as humans. Saltwater makes up most part, and humans cannot drink saltwater. The freshwater available for consumption worldwide is being used at an excessive rate, and reports also show that natural reserves of freshwater are draining. Concerned bodies are working to see how freshwater can be maximized and conserved so as not to experience a grievous scarcity in future. You might want to invest on electronic devices to save water automatically.


Air is needed for the existence of every living, as no one can live without oxygen. However, with the rate of air pollution daily, the availability of clean air for a very long time is being threatened. Recently, there has been a call to stop activities that pollute the air. Even though some progress has been made, the rate of air pollution is still very significant. If you are preparing for the future, you might be looking for where to find a site to get all your survival tools for the future.

Natural gas

Natural gas is considered a purer form of natural reserve than coal but studies show that it may not last forever. This is considering that it is also available in a limited quantity and is in high demands across the world. When the rate of usage consistently surpasses the rate of production, it is going to get finished over time.


Coal is needed for a lot of production, especially in places where industrialization is coming to taking up space fast. Coal may not last more than 200 years, some experts say. Besides, it is one of the major pollutants of the air.


It takes about a million years for oil to form. With the rate of usage of oil and oil products, oil is gradually becoming an exhaustible natural reserve. To worsen the situation, some nations solely depend on oil as their mainstay in the economy, so there is too much pressure on the current oil reserves.


Phosphorus is gotten from the phosphate rock and has been said that it may not last more than 100 years. Phosphorus plays an important role in growing foods and other plants.


The forest is home to thousands of animals, some live on land, some live in the trees, some live in the ground. But when deforestation takes place, the home of these habitats are destroyed and it becomes a great problem. Deforestation mostly takes place when timber is needed for the production of furniture, paper, and other wood products.

Since no other planet has been prepared yet for humans, we should learn how to conserve our natural resources that are vital to living but are at the risk of running out or becoming more scarce. The planet needs our protection, and it is for our good.