Night Vision Safety Essentials to Follow!

Night vision gadgets are captivating. The technology applied for designing them is incredible. Their evolution from large systems to small models is beyond impressive. At present, night vision gadgets are widely used by the police and other security personnel. They are also popular among the civilian population for home defense, nature watching, and even hunting. Most people are familiar with their working procedure, how to operate them, and the benefits they offer. But, how many individuals know how to maintain them? Devices such as Night Vision Goggles, Gen 3, and Gen 4 devices are a huge investment that requires proper maintenance and handling. 

Without adequate care, these gadgets could break down and become very unusable. In this guide, we will highlight the safety tips, and night vision care to follow.

Safety Tips

1. Always turn off the light

It is very important to always turn off your night vision optic when the environment is bright. The reason is simple. Exposure to daylight or even bright light can cause permanent damage to your device. This can lead to expensive repairs not covered by the service contract. 

2. Always consult a professional

Avoid Do-It-Yourself work at all costs. These are complex processes, not to mention fragile gadgets. If you are not skilled in repairs, you will end up damaging your device and it won’t be covered under the service contract. Always ensure that they are disassembled by a professional. 

3. Avoid touching the objective lens

The objective lens is located at the far end of your eye. These lenses are designed with a special coating and tend to be sensitive which can cause damage. Your fingers are covered with dirt which can harm your lens. Ensure that you always clean the lenses with an unsoiled, soft, and nonabrasive cloth.

4. Moisture is a common enemy

The common enemy of optics and electronics is moisture. So, what happens when you combine these two? You already know the answer. Nothing good. Night vision comes with fragile and complex electronics that are sensitive to water. 

5. Always remove the batteries

If you wouldn’t be using the night vision for a long period, never forget to remove the batteries. This goes a long way in preventing damage to the device’s internal system. After ejecting them, ensure that they are stored in a cool, dry place. 

6. Handle With Care

We have to keep reiterating this! Ensure that you handle this device with care at all times. Avoid dropping it, dumping it, tossing it; just avoid doing anything that can cause damage to the device. Night vision devices are fragile! We have seen high-end night vision devices rendered inoperable after a good bump. 

Cleaning your Night Vision

Cleaning your night vision product is used on the night vision devices to guarantee its performance. The regular tools used on rangefinders, standard binoculars and other optics devices are not compatible with night vision devices.

The outer part of the optic should be cleaned with a dry cloth. However, always handle the lenses with care. For these, the ideal choice is a camera cleaning cloth. As I stated earlier, there are specialized night vision cleaning tools that don’t cost much. If the device is dusty, it can be removed with pressurized air, but avoid using a standard keyboard cleaner. These kits usually have too much moisture.

Camera lens paper is generally the best material for cleaning lenses. We recommend it because it is disposable which implies that every new piece is dry and clean. Also, Camera lens paper is incredibly cheap and features most standard camera cleaning tools. Another advantage of buying the kit is the lens pen.

This tool is invaluable for cleaning hidden or inconvenient areas. They are also the ideal tool to wipe out hard grime and dirt. There are several manufacturers of Night vision tools, but we will recommend the AGM Global Vision because they have proven to be reliable and reputable.