5 Factors That Will Ensure You Have The Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Gun safes were created to ensure that the firearm put inside remained as safe as possible. However, not all safes are the same. Most of the safes can keep your guns safe from burglary, but what about accidental fire? The construction of fireproof gun safes differs from that of an ordinary sun safe.

Such gun safes keep the firearms safe along with ensuring that any this put inside is safe in case of fire. Thus, a fireproof safe is an excellent option to keep precious items such as jewelry, documents, or devices with sensitive information secure.

Factors To Choose The Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Size Of The Safe

Before purchasing a fireproof safe, you must pay attention to what you are planning to put inside. This factor will determine the size you need to purchase. As the safe will be fireproof, you can store things other than weapons inside as well. Therefore, rather than purchasing one safe for weapons and the other for valuables, it is better that you switch to one.


Keep in mind the initial work of a gun safe is to protect the guns from thefts. Fireproof gun safes have the additional quality of being fire-resistant, but their initial purpose shan’t be forgotten. You would need a safe that provides more protection than a regular safe since it will be in the eye of thieves.

A fireproof gun safe indicates that there is something with extreme value inside. Thus, it is more prone to be attacked by the burglar. As a result, you would require a gun safe that will offer you more protection.

Fire Protection

When it comes to fire protection, it is determined by two factors. One is the temperature it can withstand, and the other is the time for which it can do it. Hence, while purchasing, you would want the fire protection to be the highest.

You can find fireproof gun safes that can withstand temperatures from 1200°F to 1800 °F. The time duration of this tolerance should be at least half an hour.


There are three classes in which gun safes are classified. This classification is based on the temperature it can tolerate along with the humidity level.

Class 125

A safe falling under this classification can tolerate 80 percent of humidity. When it comes to the temperature, it can tolerate 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The seal of the doors is explicitly designed to swell up once the heat is provided.

Class 150

The gun safes of this category can tolerate the same level of humidity as the previous classification. However, when it comes to temperature, these can tolerate 150 °F. Though keep in mind that this category does not necessarily offer watertight gun safes.

Class 350

A gun safe classified as class 350 can withstand 85% humidity along with 350°F temperature. Therefore, a safe of this classification can help you keep all the necessary documents.

Fire Ratings

As a buyer, you must do the required research before purchasing a gun safe. The manufacturer may not have provided all the needed information to you. In that case, you would need to find out the ratings left by the people about the safe.