Is Living in your RV Safe?

“How safe is my RV?” This question is probably rendered in your mind as you stay for the night inside your Recreational Vehicle. Admit it or not, you get anxious feeling thinking of a burglar robbing your RV or a criminal that will break into your automobile home. You might wanna get some protection against any threats, don’t you?

According to Brian of, there are survival knives that you can probably use to protect yourself from any threats while camping or living in your RV. However, if you believe that prevention is better than cure, then stay tuned in this article as we also discuss the things you can do to ensure the safety of oneself.

Are RVs safe to stay in?

You probably read a lot of reviews saying that RVs are not that safe to stay in as they can easily be broken into when someone wants to. Well, if that is when you do not prepare for these circumstances to happen. Most of the RVs that are gotten into are vehicles whose security and safety is not prioritized and secured.

However, if you will do precautionary measures like staying in a park that can house or accommodate RVs legally and secured, then you don’t have to worry about the said situations above. You can also enhance your safety if you will be putting locks that can hold anyone uninvited outside. Long story short, RVs are generally safe when you make them safe.

How to ensure the safety of your RV?

Now that you know about RVs being both safe and dangerous, it is important to know the factors that can inflict harm or render risks to you.

1. The Area You Stay In

RVs are known for their convenience of travelling from one place to another. And there are people that love to isolate themselves from the society or civilization that prefer remote places. These places are full of threats, especially the place is void of communication and sometimes lacks signal connectivity. These places can also be a place where criminals can thrive in some cases.

2. Biodiversity

Nature lovers that own RVs probably stay with their vehicle in the wild. It is okay to admire the wonders of Mother Nature but it is not that safe as wild animals are considered as a threat to your safety. May it be a microorganism, pest, insect, or an animal, they pose a threat to your safety especially when they are infamous because of their behavior.

3. Vulnerability

To ensure the safety of your home is not only limited to the external factors but also to the internal of your home. It is imperative to make sure that your doors and windows are locked properly and burglars cannot break in easily. It is also important to exterminate any possible outbreak of harms like electrical failure and fire in your RV. Owing to these reasons many people search for, “RV servicing near me“. This is important for keeping your RV in tip-top shape

Furthermore, the things that you have in your automobile household can be projectiles that can harm you by either accident or incident. It is better to keep things out and properly store them in your home to avoid any unfortunate events from happening.

4. Health Condition

Lastly, the most important thing to remember to make sure that you are always safe is to determine your health condition. Most people do not know what their health condition is as they ignore any signs and symptoms that they experience. And by ignoring it, it may cause more severe impacts on you.

It can also have a great change to your daily lifestyle if left untreated. It is better to acknowledge a professional advice and prescription to ensure that nothing will happen to you whenever you are in your RV.

These are some of the things you must check upon to secure your safety even if you do not live in a standard household.


Living in an automobile home does not exempt you from the normal threats that pose when you live in a standard apartment or house. The dangers are more dangerous and unexpected as you may never know what wanders in the wild and outside of an actual home. Regardless of that, you should always check the things that can threaten you to secure your safety and well-being.