How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Buying clothing items can be a major portion of the usual expenses for people who love dressing up. When you spend thousands of bucks on dresses and shoes, you naturally want them to last longer. Nobody likes buying an expensive t-shirt, only to dispose of it after two washes. 

One essential way to ensure your clothes last longer is always to choose quality over quantity. It might seem tempting to buy a lot within a small budget, but it is not wise. It is best to buy a few items that are sure to last you for a long time. Cheaper quality clothing tends to wear out easily and can lose its luster only after a few washes. Another way is to make sure you take extra care of the items you have in your wardrobe. It increases their longevity and ensures they stay looking brilliant for a long time. 

And this is why here we have a few tips and tricks on how we believe you can make your clothes look good for a long time:

1. Avoid Drying Clothes In The Machine:

Throwing your laundry in the machine and pulling it out almost dry is a convenience we do not want to lose. House chores are already pretty time-consuming, and a little ease goes a long way. However, we also need to remember that tumble-drying can potentially cause irreparable damage to our clothing. 

According to researchers, machine drying can wear the fabric down, causing tears and rips. You should always read the label of your clothing pieces and see if they are machine-friendly. This way, you can treat them according to what the fabric demands. If feasible, try using a drying rack or an outdoor clothing line for your clothes, especially the delicate ones. It will surely increase the longevity of your dresses. 


2. Use Minimal Amounts Of Detergent:

Contrary to the most logical notion that more detergent will mean cleaner clothes, too much detergent can actually ruin your garments. According to experts, putting in an excess amount of detergent can hinder the cleaning process resulting in damaged clothing. The machine can also fail to adequately rinse away the detergent if there is too much of it. As a result, your clothing can become stiff and dull. Your garments may also stain because of the excess residue left on them. 

Often detergents have prescribed amounts that you should be using for your laundry. You should read up on it and avoid eyeballing your detergent quantity to avoid your clothing from damage. 

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3. Wash Your Sweaters Inside Out:

The best part about winters and cold weather is the cozy yet stylish jackets and sweaters you get to wear. But imagine buying your favorite sweater to see it ruined only after its first wash. It is a nightmare, to say the least. But this is pretty much avoidable through this one tip that we are about to share. 

The woolen fabric is best washed inside out because the rubbing of fabrics against each other can cause them to pill. These garment pilling can ruin the entire look of your clothing, which is why it is best to make sure you never wash your sweaters without overturning them. 

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4. Keep A Stain Removal Pen Always Handy:

We have all witnessed a hideous stain ruin our clothing for good. You cannot wear a white t-shirt with a tomato sauce stain right in the front of it. And this is why it is best to keep a stain removal pen always at your disposal. 

Stain removal pens are ideal and can effectively work on 75% of the stains people commonly experience. They work perfectly for food and drink stains, which means if you are clumsy while eating, this is for you. However, make sure you read the reviews of the product before purchasing. Some stain removal pens are known to worsen the stain at times and also ruin the color of the clothing. Once you are sure, these pens are great to save your garments from a short-lived life. 

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5. Avoid Washing Your Gym Clothes With Fabric Softener: 

Fabric softeners smell heavenly, and they make your clothes feel soft and fluffy. However, fabric softeners are not ideal for every garment type. If you are fond of working out, know that such liquids can damage your athleisure items. 

Gym wear nowadays is commonly designed using a unique fabric that is moisture-wicking. Such fabrics help athletes to stay dry and cool even after a heavy workout. Moisture-wicking fabric can absorb the sweat from your body, making it perfect for athletes and gym-goers. Fabric conditioners can cover the material and lock in the sweat and bacteria, resulting in an off-putting smell. These fabric softeners can also rip the material off its moisture-wicking properties, making them possibly useless for your gym sessions. 

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6. Sort Your Laundry Before Washing:

Most people know that it is important to sort their laundry before washing, but often the only sorting they do is to separate the whites from the colored clothes. Even though it is also critical, there is much more to laundry sorting than this. 

First up, you should be well-aware of the washing instructions of every garment given on their labels. You should know what the fabrics are to know how to wash each cloth. Secondly, sort your clothes depending on their fabric type. For example, pile up all your jeans in a separate load, whereas towels and bedsheets should be separate from the rest of the laundry. Try and wash light-weight items such as your lingerie, t-shirts, blouses, etc., in a separate load. 

Moreover, always wash dirtier clothes separately to prevent other slightly dirty clothes from getting stained more. Also, always test new clothes in a separate wash first to see if they bleed colors. This way you will avoid the risk of ruining your other clothes. 

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7. Wear Them Less:

The best way to make your clothes last longer is to, well, wear them less. It is natural to want to wear a pair of jeans all the time when you fit into them perfectly. Some clothing items are too good to match with any attire. 

However, the more you wear a garment, the higher the chances of it wearing down soon. Also, it would be best if you kept rotating your wardrobe to utilize all your clothing pieces before they go out of size or fashion. It will help you keep wastes to a minimum and adopt a sustainable approach. And it will also help you making clothes last longer. 

8. Keep Your Outdoor Attires Separate:

Why look flawlessly amazing in the comforts of your house when you can look cozily chic? It is also best to stay rested while wearing your favorite pajamas than a pair of jeans. One way to make sure your best attires stay functional for long is to take off your going-out dresses once you reach home. 

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9. Try And Avoid Washing Your Clothes Often:

Until and unless they are dirty, it is best to avoid washing your clothes. Of course, you should not wear something that is visibly dirty or has a bad odor. But in case there is not, try and wear your garments at least three times before washing them. 

Some clothing pieces such as tops, blouses, t-shirts may have to be washed sooner than other items such as pants and jeans. Your clothes go through a lot when you wash them, which can easily rip them off their shine and luster. So, it is best to avoid washing your clothes as much as you can.  


Your attires can at times cost you an arm and a leg. If you love dressing up, your wardrobe may be worth a whole lot of money. And to ruin your clothes before you even get to wear them properly is simply wasting a whole lot of your hard-earned money. Taking care of your clothes is essential to ensure they have a long life. We have highlighted a few tips above, and we are positive that they will help you maintain a wardrobe that lasts you many seasons.