8 Essential Safety Accessories For First-Time Gun Owners

Becoming a new firearm owner is a significant and often daunting undertaking. Apart from being presented with a plethora of weapons choices, you must also consider the additional accessories necessary for protection, storage, and cleaning.

Necessary Safety Accessories

the guy puts the gun in the holster close-up

Whether for practicing or in the event of an emergency, all of the items below are a must-have for every first-time gun owner:

1. Good Holster

Every person who purchased a firearm, especially for concealed carry, should invest in a quality holster. This is essential to secure and conceal your gun. Additionally, it’s necessary to get a holster that’s ergonomic so it would be comfortable for you.

To accommodate the requirements of any gun owner, here are some options you can choose from:

  • IWB holsters (in-the-waistband)
  • OWB holsters (outside-the-waistband)
  • Paddle holsters.

Before buying, check the specifications of the holster to be certain that it’ll fit your pistol and assess if it’ll give you convenience while you carry it safely and easily. If you have any queries or doubts about selecting the appropriate gun holster, invest additional time and research about what’s suggested for your specific firearm model.

2. Range Bag

Whether you intend to or not, you’ll almost certainly be required to transport your weapon at some point in time. Having a designated place for all your stuff is always a smart idea. A range bag is necessary for organizing all of your firearm’s accessories. Additionally, it’ll guarantee the safety and protection of your weapon throughout transport.

While the majority of guns come with a bag or a case, they’re not necessarily of the highest quality. So, you may want to purchase a nicer and more durable one compared to the case it came with.

3. Cleaning Kit

Not cleaning your weapon frequently increases the chance of it being damaged or, worst, malfunctioning or misfiring. This is a potentially dangerous situation. Thus, cleaning is a critical skill for gun owners to acquire.

First, make sure that you get a gun cleaning kit that’s tailored for your pistol and its specifications. You can also consider buying one that’s capable of cleaning various calibers of weapons, particularly if you want to purchase more firearms soon.

A basic kit should include the following items:

  • Gun oil
  • Brass jags
  • Wipes
  • Brushes
  • Cleaning patches
  • Brass patch holder

4. Ear And Eye Protection

Shooting a weapon without using an ear covering may result in acute hearing loss. The noise level of a gunshot is about equal to that of a thunderclap. It may not seem like much unless you consider that thunder is often audible miles away in a thunderstorm while a gunshot is directly next to the ears. Thus, when firing at a shooting range, earplugs should always be used.

Likewise, eye protection is also required. This is because fragments from released rounds pose a serious danger to your eyesight. This makes shooting glasses a necessary piece of accessories to have in your bag.

Earplugs and eyeglasses are available individually or as part of an all-in-one package.

5. Extra Ammunition

You wouldn’t want to be out of ammunition in the middle of a crisis. This is particularly true in self-defense situations. Purchase at least a couple of hundred bullets for safe-keeping at your home and for training sessions.

To guarantee quality and dependability, rotate your ammo frequently and fire the oldest first.

6. Extra Magazines

Having a couple of extra magazines on hand is a smart idea. You may never need them, but having a few helpful extras on hand may be useful in the future. When carrying concealed guns, some individuals carry a spare magazine just in case. At the very least, it simplifies reloading during shooting training.

7. Gun Safe

If you’re living with others or your family, particularly if you have children, a gun safe is essential for security. If you’re living alone, a safe may not be the first on your priority list, but it’s still an excellent option for additional security.

8. Insurance

Insurance for carrying a gun isn’t technically an accessory, but it’s required of all owners who carry a weapon for self-defense reasons. There are many insurance firms, packages, and even affiliations that protect firearm owners in the event that they’re forced to use a firearm in self-defense.

Although you’re firing because of self-defense, there will almost certainly be immediate consequences. Therefore, it’s much preferable to be overly cautious.


In conclusion, having all of these items on hand will ensure that you’re completely equipped and prepared. If you’re a beginner in gun ownership, be sure to stock up on these necessary gun accessories. They’ll be well worth the investment!