6 Good Reasons To Buying A UV Water Purifier

CDC statistics show that despite the US having access to one of the cleanest and safest water supplies, over 7 million people get waterborne diseases every year. This is due to the increased risk of water contamination we’re experiencing today.

The good news is that we have UV water purifier systems that are reliable and protect us from drinking contaminated water. There are different variations of these UV water purifying systems, but today we will discuss why you need to get a UV water purifier for your home.

What Is A UV Water Purifier, And How Does It Work?

For those new to the concept, a UV water purifier is a system that micro-biologically treats contaminated water using germicidal ultraviolet light. The system produces a strong UV wavelength that destroys the DNA of any living organism in the water. This process prevents the organisms from reproducing or making you sick.

The ultraviolet radiation produced damages the nucleic acids in the DNA structures of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

So, how does a UV water purifier work?

A UV water purifier uses energy to produce ultraviolet radiation at 254-nm wavelength that disrupts the DNA structure of microorganisms. This UV output is significantly more intense than that produced by sunlight, increasing the chances of deactivating living organisms in the water.

Why Should You Get A UV Water Purifier?

If you’re still undecided about whether a UV water purifier is the right means to clean your water at home, here are six reasons why www.best-osmosis-systems.com  recommends you get one.

1. There’s No Need To Handle Chemicals

Unlike other water cleaners, a UV water purifier doesn’t require one to interact with potentially dangerous chemicals. Chlorine is a commonly used water cleaning agent. However, most people don’t know that chlorine is a chemical, and exposure can cause skin burns and eye irritations. UV water purifiers provide a safer alternative that does not involve chemically active elements or heat.

2. UV Water Systems Are Environment Friendly

There are no chemicals used in the UV water purification process and no byproducts. Unlike other systems, this property makes these purifiers environment-friendly.

3. Low-Power Consumption

Apart from being eco-friendly, UV water purifiers consume less power than other filters. A standard system uses as little power as a 40-watt light bulb! This makes it an excellent addition for a large family without increasing electricity costs.

4. Requires Low Maintenance

UV water purifying systems prove to be cost-effective when it comes to maintenance. The systems only need a simple annual lamp replacement to keep them functioning at their optimal level.

The UV lamp contains mercury vapor that activates the ultraviolet wavelength. However, the mercury dissipates over time, thus requiring the lamp replacement. If you decide to run your system throughout the day, your UV lamp will last for approximately 9,000 hours, translating to roughly 1 year.

Another maintenance procedure is the cleaning of the quartz sleeve. The quartz sleeve surrounds the lamp, and it needs to be clean for the system to function effectively. It is best to check and clean the sleeve whenever you are changing the lamp. It is also recommended that you replace this sleeve after every two years.

5. It Is Very Reliable

You can rely on your UV water purifier to cleanse your water at any time. These systems immediately disinfect the water, and they work throughout the day to ensure your family gets unlimited access to clean and safe water. The ultraviolet radiation is powerful enough to destroy bacteria, cysts, and viruses in water.

These systems also protect you from water contamination through natural calamities such as flooding. Take, for instance, a scenario where your city’s water supply line gets compromised; your UV water purifier still keeps your drinking water safe. However, you may need to filter the water before disinfecting it.

6. It Doesn’t Alter The Taste Or Odor Of Water

Unlike other water filters, UV water purifiers preserve the taste of water. Other systems use chlorine in the purification process, which greatly affects taste and smell. However, with a UV water purifier, you avoid consuming chemicals and get better and naturally tasting water.

Where To Use Your UV Water Purifier

UV water purifiers are versatile systems that can be used for various purposes.

UV systems vary in size, and the ideal purifier for your home should match your water flow rate. Choosing a system that matches your home’s water flow ensures that the water gets enough contact with the germicidal wavelength to kill the microorganisms.

These purifiers can also be used to cleanse water for those who own a private well.

UV water purifiers are also ideal for travel. There are customized handheld cleaners available that you can conveniently carry in your bag pack or as you go camping. These machines purify water in seconds .


It’s time to ensure you and your family drink clean and purified water, and the best way is to get a UV water purifier for your home. This system effectively kills all microorganisms, and it is cost-effective. There are many advantages of owning a UV water purifier. This blog post only highlights the top six.