What Is A Network Switch?

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In this article, we will see the working of Network Switch and know about its types. We will further look at its function and importance.

What Is A Network Switch?

A network switch helps with device connectivity. If you have multiple devices, you can use a network switch to help them communicate seamlessly. The devices connected with the network switch, use data packets as a communication carrier. Switches are usually hardware devices that help with establishing physical networks as well as software virtual devices.

A network switch has different operation methods and usually, they have one or two layers of open systems. When you establish LAN by using the Ethernet, you are practically using a network switch to set a communication sources frame. This is done by using a MAC address. Network switches keep the tables in check so they can match with the MAC address while the port picks up on the MAC address.

What Are The Types Of Network Switches?

Network switches have different types and each type has a different function. Based on the type of network you want to establish you can easily pick the network switch you like.

Here are some of the main network types you need to know about:

1. Virtual Switches

They are network switches that can only be used for connecting software. They are mainly used within the VM hosting environment.

2. Managed Switches

Another very simple network switch type that will offer the usability to adjust the port on the switch. Usually, this type of switch is used for monitoring and configuring the changes.

3. Router Switches

These switches facilitate the LAN connection and they are mainly used for establishing MAC-based 3-layer switching. Their function is to make network layer 3 for the OSI that helps in leading the traffic depending on the IP address tagged on each data packet.

4. Smart Switches

If you need more control over the way data is transmitted, you need to use smart switches. With smart switches, you might have more limitations so they are partially managed.

5. Unmanaged Switches

For automation, there is no better switch than an unmanaged switch. It helps in building a connection with Ethernet devices and helps in letting the data pass between devices automatically. It also helps in setting data rate parameters as well; however, you cannot edit the data.

6. Modular Switches

These switches are mainly used as the switch cards for chassis-based switches, however, they can be used in fixed form factors and sizable chassis as well. Generally, they can fit two or more cards simultaneously. It is used mainly for its upgradability.

7. Stackable Switches

They are fixed switches used for establishing a connection through the backplane cable interface. You can use it for a signal logical switch for two or more switches.

What Is The Function Of Network Switches?

Now that we have talked about network switches too much, you might be thinking why it is so important. Well, technically there are so many different ways your need to connect devices. You can select which variation Based on the type of devices you want to connect, their function, and the control you want.

  • Switches help relay data from one device to another. Since the data traffic is high in telecommunication networks, there is no other way to connect than to use switches.
  • Switches connect network segments, give their performance a boost and help them make the most out of bandwidth by offering full duplex communication.
  • Switches are used for connecting the desktop computer with other devices like printers, and machinery or just getting the IoT work.
  • Switches connect the PCs that work as a server for virtual machines within data centers. Moreover, they play important role in the storage infrastructure.
  • Big companies use switches to establish networks that can help them run outdoor lighting, camera, VoIP, and other sensors in places where power is not available.
  • Switches can deliver up to 100 watts, which is ideal for the network connection.
  • Network switches collect data from IoT devices and AI equipment by using machine learning algorithms to build smart buildings.

Bottom Line

Network switches are an essential part of building a stable network between devices. Without network switches you will not see most businesses running on automation, retrieving data from data centers in real time, or controlling devices.