Weapons of the Future – The Predictions

You’ve probably heard the saying “I bet we’ll have flying cars in the future”. With the continuous increase in technology, people expect more things to become possible. Not only flying cars – but high-tech weapons as well.

Although the thought of weapons may scare you, it’s expected that they will evolve a lot and will be quite different from what you know today. The hardware advancements make sure that warfare will change in the following years. This may be because every country wants the best weapons to protect themselves against potential threats.

So, the following information will tell you more about the predictions for future weapons.


1. The Long-Range Strike Bomber

The B-21 Raider is currently designed by the US Air Force. This long-range bomber is said to be ready for operation around 2025. Apparently, its ability will be to deliver a bomb deep inside the enemies’ territory under stealth cloaking.

It should have the same high capacity as the old B-1, but the range will be slightly higher. Moreover, it is said to be able to shoot down planes, even from hundreds of miles away.

2. Invisible Camouflage

This is something people have wondered for years – could they somehow become invisible? Well, this may be possible, but not anytime soon. Quantum Stealth technology is a type of camouflage that makes anyone wearing it invisible.

Two institutions, StealthIR and Duke University, are doing research and working on bending light beams around the one who wears the camouflage. So, these costumes will fool the unaided close-range eye by manipulating the light that’s around it.

3. Electromagnetic Rail Gun

As it’s obvious from its name, this gun will be able to use electricity instead of gunpowder or fuel to shoot. The high electrical currents create magnetic fields that can accelerate armature or sliding metal conductors between rails considerably. As a result, the projectiles can be launched at MACH 6 or 4,500 mph (7240). They will be able to hit targets that are over 100 miles away.

These guns are most likely to be equipped on large naval units. This is mostly because marines and sailors are going to be safer in the absence of gunpowder-based guns.

4. Laser Weapon System

Again, the name probably explains a lot. This is a ship-mounted laser cannon. Its ability is to pinpoint the target and destroy any enemy asset. Sounds like a science-fiction movie, doesn’t it?

Compared to traditional projectile weapons, this one is very efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, it only requires power to be able to fire.

5. Hybrid Insect Micro-Electro-Mechanical System

You’ve probably seen this in movies. In fact, insect weapons seem like something that wouldn’t happen in real life.

Well, you’d probably be surprised to find out these systems have been in works since the 1940s but they have evolved a lot in the meantime. They are cyborg bugs, specially designed to do what humans say.

Some interesting truths have been revealed by a freedom of information request to DARPA. Apparently, technologies are implanted into insects from the larva and pupae stage, to increase the chances of them working. Imagine drinking your coffee and trying to get rid of a bug that actually has a camera implanted.

6. The Centrifugal Gun

This weapon is designed to replace gunpowder or fuel, just like the electromagnetic rail gun. Apparently, it’s able to fire 120,000 rounds a minute. It has no flash, noise or muzzle, as it uses force.

What’s more amazing is the fact that is can be mounted anywhere, as it doesn’t really look like a gun. It’s only a mass of metal, with no recoil or signature. The bullets follow each other with 1/32nd of an inch in between and they will speed at about 8,000 feet per second. Its ammunition will be .308 and .50 caliber round metal balls.

Apparently, it could be fired from space-based platforms without knocking off their orbital paths, thanks to its lack of recoil.

7. The “Zombie Gun”

You’re probably thinking about how it will turn “The Walking Dead” into reality. Well, that is pretty close.

Don’t think about a weapon that mass kills zombies or anything of that sort. It is actually meant to create zombies. It is presently tested by Russians, and its ability is to affect brain cells and psychical states using low-frequency radiation. Moreover, there is the possibility that it could send suggestions to enemies.

Like this doesn’t already sound like a horror movie, it can also be used to affect the nervous system and disable higher cognitive functions in any target. Moreover, it is a lethal weapon, and it can burn its target from the inside.

8. Armatix Smart Pistol

This .22 caliber pistol is designed with smart technology, so it can only be used by an authorized user. It seems like another weapon inspired by science-fiction movies.

However, this isn’t unlocked by using a fingerprint reader. It actually requires you to use an accompanying smartwatch. The watch acts as an RFID key and unlocks it, making it unable to fire. Additionally, the watch shows you the battery levels and a number of shots fired within a given timeframe.

9. The Exoskeleton

Although this isn’t only meant to be used in the military, it can turn any human into a living superhero. Basically, it gives you superpowers.

When this was first created, it was meant to give its user the ability to walk long distances without exhausting himself. Also, there is a new liquid armor tested, and it’s meant to stop bullets. Apparently, the liquid in this armor becomes solid upon the exertion of force.

Currently, DARPA is testing a military version of this invention, and it’s meant to provide mechanical assistance to someone’s muscles.

Final Thoughts

The future of weaponry seems scary, but you can’t help but be excited at the same time. Being invisible is going to be possible, just like turning people into zombies. Technology makes the future bright, offering us multiple possibilities in terms of safety and defense.